Audit the FEDS - Bernanke in Deep "DOO DOO"

Could it be we have been sabotaged by the man who served as “Chair” for the department of economics from 1996 to 2002? The one who tipped his hat and toddled over to Federal Reserve System serving as a member of the board of Governors of the FEDS from 2002 to 2005.

If one studies Ben Bernanke’s political agenda, it becomes evident that he was seeking power and control over our Nation. Bernanke plopped himself into the position of Chairman for the Council of Economic advisers under George W. Bush’s watch; after a brief time in that position George Bush appointed him Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve the first of February, 2006.

Don’t forget, Obama nominated Ben for his second term as Chairman. President Obama was in Martha’s Vineyard having a little R & R when with Ben attached to his apron strings. Obama spouted off about Ben’s courage and adeptness messing with our money and finished by saying, his bud Ben would prevent another “Depression.”

To give you the rest of the story Ben played the game of politics once again and maneuvered to the Financial Stability Oversight Board that oversees the problem child called TARP; you guessed it ole Ben by this time has us by the fanny and we didn’t have a clue what was going on behind closed doors.

But that’s not all Ben has accomplished in a short period of time; he became chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee. That is the committee that is in charge of the monetary policy making body for the whole shebang, Ben Bernanke had us wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy.

Ben Bernanke is the one who told Congress in 2005, that he didn’t think there was a housing bubble. But, dear old Ben knew there was a housing bubble and either thought he was genius enough to work his way through the problems or he deliberately lied to us.

In fact, both Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke knew the housing bubble was about to explode dropping bombs all over Americans. What was happening under our noses was the beginning of a horrific recession and unwittingly we were the players that tied the knot as we bought and sold homes like they were going out of style. The FEDS played a large part in our economic meltdown!

Around October 2010 Bernanke said time to print some more funny money – we’ll just another stab at quantitive easing. So add the funny money and Obama’s Stimulus bill, Obamacare and the rest of his reforms and we have “Broke minus Broke.”

There isn’t such a thing as free money, that’s only in monopoly games. Print more money and the snow ball will keep running downhill – more people will lose homes, employment will rise and higher inflation will be knocking at our door.

Before, Bernanke even thinks about getting out his printing presses, we need to audit the FEDS. For some reason they have been immune to inquiries and questions – accountability isn’t in their job description.

We don’t know who or what to believe – in 2008 Paulsen and Bernanke assured us that banks are strong and will remain strong for many, many years. Then in August of 2008, Paulsen and Bernanke confidently said that 25 billion would be the get well pill that Freddie and Fanny needed, but we all know better than that…

Things went from bad to worse, next we were told without a 700 billion stimulus our Nation would literally collapse. The FEDS and Obama played a large role in our economic meltdown and neither one will take responsibility for their misuse and abuse of the taxpayers’ money.

Now, Americans it’s time to go behind closed doors and audit the FEDS; we are on a need to know basis with them from now on; we want to see who’s been padding who’s pocket while we are losing our homes, unemployment is probably right at 19% or more, gas prices are sky rocketing and food prices climb daily.

So the next time you hear them talking about raising the debt ceiling, just tell them no thank you, because we have a plan to ruthlessly cut out the excessive spending, produce a balanced budget, downsize the government and put people we can trust back in the White House. “God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca