Republicans - Where Art Thou

While the Republicans are looking for a Presidential candidate, they have a very unique window of opportunity to insure that whomever they choose will be our next President. What can they do to clinch the Presidency for 2012? The Republican Party must first of all unite and work together with one message to Americans; “we will take back our country and restore its once strong foundation.”

Next, they must implement transparency, which will be an absolute first for voters; everyone has promised transparency to Americans and no one has honored that promise.

Finally they must refuse to raise the debt ceiling.; Some Democrats at this time will vote against raising the debt ceiling, if there isn’t a meaningful reduction commitment in place. Now is the perfect time to show Americans that the National Deficit is the top priority.

Republicans must get the message out that they will do whatever is necessary to take back our country and restore our Nation’s foundation.

Implement transparency immediately, which will demonstrate their sincerity and affirm that they will honor their promises to our country.

Don’t raise the debt ceiling, but ruthlessly slice the existing budget and start paying on our National Deficit.

If Republicans do these three things – it will be an automatic shoo in for the Republican candidate of their choice in 2012

At this time they can’t seem to agree on priorities and this is showing a definite weakness within the party. Now they have the perfect window to make their move – Obama’s attention as all can see is his campaign for 2012.

Republicans don’t have many options left and their inability to honor their promises is starting to remind voters of Obama’s many promises in 2008 (which were never honored.)
In 2012, the people of America were slightly engaged; they were a little worried about economy, wars and our future. Now due to 3.7 trillion burden Obama has placed on our Nation, no jobs, higher gas and food prices Americans find themselves in a war within our borders against our Government.

Republicans need to know that that while they’re sitting back on their haunches looking for the perfect Presidential candidate, Obama has all his ducks in a row for the campaign of 2012. Obama isn’t one to sit around twiddling his thumbs, his 2012 agenda is in place and he’s financially capable of “snookering” America once again. The Obama 2012 campaign strategy is definitely similar to the 2008 that concentrated on women, our youth and minority groups.

Obama has joined hands with Mark Zuckerberg, the Internet entrepreneur who launched the world famous social site Facebook.

He’s desperately trying to woo the Latina once again with promises of fixing the age old problem of immigration. His promise of “comprehensive immigration reform” played an important role in his Presidential victory of 2008. Now he’s trying to play the same ole fiddle twice by forming a committee to study immigration – only time will tell if the Latinas will swallow the bait he’s dangling.

Republicans and Democrats should realize that Americans are tired of the lies, propaganda and political rhetoric that are spewed from the White House daily. The Tea Party has awakened the natives so to speak and they will no longer tolerate “Politics as Usual.” May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca