Obama - Gone Missing

Where is our employee Obama? Why did he place us in the Libya war without asking our permission? Why does his 2012 budget increase the Nation Deficit by trillions? What doesn’t he understand about these three words, “STOP THE SPENDING?

He’s out campaigning for 2012 on our time and using our money! On April 23 Obama’s campaign started with the Spread Responsibility tour, he said, “It’s good when we spread the wealth around.”
This tour must be another Plouffe Spoof, because no logical person would send Obama out to educate the American people on fiscal responsibility, spending and the National Deficit,

We’ve have the “Hopey Changey” loonytoon jammed down our throats for 3 ½ years; our only hope is to remove him from office and our change should be removing the corrupt from our Government.

The Obama dictatorship has made the natives restless; we’ve experienced his redistribution to Unions, corrupt lenders, auto bailout, and billions in bonuses used by three of the most corrupt businesses in our Nation (Freddie, Fannie and AIG.) Frankly his dirty laundry list for 2009 and 2010 is too lengthy to write about today – it would fill several books.

Obama doesn’t intend to reduce our National debt, only add to it to via the war in Libya, more money to Soros and Petrabra and Obama friends which is over 1 trillion more dollars of taxpayers’ money.
He is using businesses making over 250,000 as his guinea pig – pretending that an increase in their taxes will alleviate our deficit problem. Obama is trying to sell America another lie, pretending that “taxing is our road to prosperity.”

His campaign of 2012 is nothing more than a smoke screen as he promotes shared responsibility and shared prosperity once again showing his hatred toward the very people who are our Nation’s foundation (big and small businesses.)

Bottomline – Obama is basically running the same campaign as 2008. He’s playing to the young people, Latinos and Liberalists hoping they’ll once again buy into his false promises and lies so he can continue his agenda of redistribution.

Obama, “We the people of America know how to budget and cut the National Deficit.” Our problem is unauthorized spending by the President of the USA; you snatched our credit card and handcuffed our businesses large and small by Obamacare and the threat of raising taxes on those incomes over 250,000.

Your Presidential campaign isn’t going to be an easy ride, because you’ve placed our Nation in peril. Playing on American’s sense of Patriotism won’t work the second time around.

Americans, it’s time for Obama, the Democrats and the Republicans to do the sharing; their responsibility is to ruthlessly cut the National Deficit and balance the budget without raising the debt ceiling.

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” Edward Abbey

Americans are you ready to defend our country against the Government and restore our Nation? May God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca