John Boehner Did What?

ABC reported that John Boehner was trying to get all new freshmen members to raise the debt ceiling – that was just prior to him taking over position of House Speaker. Did Boehner really say, “It will be the first adult movement of the new Congress?

According to ABC and the New Yorker, he darn sure said that – believe me when I say that was the first red flag to all Americans, that we had another rat in our icebox.

Boehner’s been taking Obama lessons and learned the art of hiding out when the going gets tough. He tapped Eric Cantor to represent the House GOP with Biden negotiations.

Cantor let it be known that Democrats who resist reforms to immediately reduce federal spending might as well kiss their chances of a “debt” increase goodbye.

Treasury Secretary Geither came back with the usual Democratic reaction of threat and intimidation saying holding up raising the debt ceiling is dangerous political game. But he was wrong as usual, this is the Democratic game called “intimidation doused with fear!

Geither says the debt ceiling must be raised even if there’s no agreement on the table for reducing long term deficits. Geither reminds me of the little ole man with the cheese – just keep gnawing away at taxpayers until their money is gone.

Of course along came the wobbly Alan Greenspan who added his minus two cent saying, there shouldn’t be a debt limit, because Obama and Congress have already set the budget and know how much money they’ll need to borrow in the future.

Here’s what Rand Paul said on CNN, Rand Paul: ‘We’re still heading head-long towards a debt crisis’
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) discussed the ongoing debate over the budget and whether the debt ceiling should be raised. “I don’t want to keep giving an irresponsible government more money,” the Kentucky Republican said. “Somebody needs to stand up and say, ‘The Emperor has no clothes.’

Mr. Trump also came out strongly against raising the federal debt ceiling, saying the debate over whether to increase the government’s borrowing limit was “the strongest negotiating point the Republicans have.”

Michele Bachmann says that not raising the debt ceiling is a lot like a balanced budget amendment in that it forces you to prioritize spending; Bachmann adds that she’s not just bluffing by not raising the debt ceiling we’ll start getting our fiscal house in order.

Sarah Palin expresses her anger saying the fact there’s a debate on raising the debt ceiling shows sign of leadership failure.

CBS News poll shows only 36 percent of the Democrats believe the debt ceiling should be raised. Obama is digging his own grave by the hour; he’s losing his parties support.

So do we have enough strong representatives in the White House, Democrats and Republicans to put a stop to Obama’s vicious spending? He has the nerve to insist that taxes will be raised on businesses grossing 250,000 or over. These businesses are our Nation’s engine; they have made America great. Why would we punish the hand that feed us?

John Boehner better stay up 24/7 until he figures out that there are only two feasible options, (1) Stop the spending, and (2) Reduce our National deficit. “May God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca