Paul Krugman's Losing It

Paul Krugman,

For those who have read some of his blogs, you probably think he’s verging on insanity, or could it be job security that is plaguing him or maybe Krugman is having a “pity party” because very few tend to follow or believe him.

Liberal maybe, but obsessed with self is probably closer to the truth. He seems to have a major problem with Paul Ryan and rumor is he’s not getting much sleep, because Paul Ryan brought a solution to the table that makes sense.

Paul Ryan actually has a budget in place, unlike the Democrats he came to the table with facts, figures and a solution for our National Deficit. Krugman lives in a fantasy land and has trouble coping with reality.

Krugman has been struggling with Ryan’s budget since fall of 2010; he’s never quite got his ducks in line, but one thing he’s polished on is the uncanny way he uses distraction and name calling when he’s run out of all other ammo.

Observing how Paul Krugman has attempted to kick Paul Ryan to the curb has been a real 3 ring circus. Krugman has never been known for a common sense approach to any problem. He just isn’t capable of doing his homework consequently many of his comments are off the wall and not fact based.

For most of us, it’s a waste of time to try to decipher where he’s going or what he’s trying to share with us in his blogs. But his body language gives him away as a very insecure man who can’t survive without some media attention.

Oh well Paul, most of us feel sorry for you and frankly retiring might just be the ticket for you. You’re too old to take on brilliant men like Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan knows we’re broke and he loves his country – but you wouldn’t know much about Patriotism, would you????

Next time, you scratch out a blog make it something we can all wrap our arms around and believe.

May God Bless America
Little Tboca