John Boehner - Will He Buckle Again?

John, we know Paul Ryan, R-Wis. has created a “Path to Prosperity,” but the fact remains you dropped us on our head with the so-called wonderful deal you made on the budget for the next 6 months for the 2010 fiscal year.

The disgrace John Boehner is you and your friends tried to pass it off to America as a great deal – no wonder you’re starting to say you understand Obama better. You’re beginning to act like him too!

If the CBO is correct and they’re probably close, the bill will possibly give America 350 million savings, which isn’t enough to pay for Barack and Michelle’s lavish vacations and White House parties

Paul Ryan’s budget was passed by the House of Representatives and that’s good news, but we know that’s just a first step and we’re quite a long ways off before America will reap any rewards from his plan.

So now, you have the debt ceiling on your plate and the rumor is you have every intention of passing that bill too. Did it ever occur to you that we hired you to do a job and it wasn’t to print more monopoly money in Washington? We’re broke – spending must stop now!

Probably the best thing you could do for us is to gather the 59 Republicans who voted against the 2010 fiscal budget and ask them to help you. There is plenty of money to pay our creditors, you just don’t opt to get tough and to the right thing.

It’s time to quit the spending (includes printing more money) and fight for America and Americans. Ask Paul Ryan and the 59 Republicans who vetoed your last budget farce and start restoring our Nation’s once strong foundation.

There are 100’s of ways literally to free up money to pay our creditors. Stopping all of these Grants that shouldn’t be subsidized by our Government, stop all contributions to the foreign countries that take our money and do nothing in return.

Put Obama and Michelle on a strict budget – they work for us and we don’t like to think we’re financing his 2012 campaign.

Cut out the redundant government programs that Paul Ryan has mentioned and do that today. Defund Obamacare and retrieve the hidden money that he, Pelosi and Reid stashed in it.

Get the small remaining amount of our stimulus money back, stop funding NPR and Planned Parenthood and find out what phony umbrella ACORN is hiding under now (I’m sure Obama is still feeding his friends.)

Check on Obama’s deal with Soros and Petrbra – get it out in the open how much is going to fund this scam, so Americans will buy from Soros.

You knew the fight would be tough, so please don’t play footsy with Obama, Reid and gang. You have a lot of great resources to draw for and a lot of support from Americans and I’m praying you can fulfill your promises to us.

May God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca