Calling Mr. Boehner


Well, the supposedly great budget you were going to implement for our Nation was a political “farce.” You might as well have played golf as give the pretense that you were going to fight for us – it’s very obvious that either you’re not equipped to handle the job we’ve given you or you’re too busy writing your next consoling speech to America.

Now, lets discuss the debt ceiling crisis – the tone coming from many Republicans is that the debt ceiling in fact will be raised. That presents one more major problem – how many billions are you prepared to remove from our National Deficit before you make any agreements about raising the debt ceiling?

Probably Michelle Bachmann and Paul Ryan could give you some excellent suggestions, Michelle has brought it to the Nation’s attention that Obama, Pelosi and Reid conveniently stashed approximately 105 billion in the Obamacare Package. That’s our money and we want it back!

We also want the rest of the money left over from the stimulus bill that was used to pad the pockets of the corrupt (AIG, Freddie, Fannie, the banks, the Unions, Petrabra), entitlements and the list just keeps rambling on…

When a person like David Plouffe has the guts to tell America, “that in the process of raising the debt ceiling we should be able to reduce our deficit,” we know we’re in trouble. John, Plouffe used you as his guinea pig.

Here’s what he shared on Nation TV. John Boehner said, “If we don’t raise the debt ceiling, it will bring financial disaster to our Nation and around the world. You probably said these exact words, because we’re starting to see a common denominator here “when you open your mouth, you insert foot before you do your homework.”

John Boehner, my suggestion to you is this, “you are way over your head and don’t have a clue how to approach the debt ceiling problem.” Plouffe is pretty much doing like Pelosi did with Obamacare when she said, “we have to pass it before we’ll know what’s in the bill.”

Well, did you happen to mention to Americans that we’ve been scammed again with shaky details on the inflation(false numbers as usual) – only politicians would remove “Food and Energy,” when measuring inflation. Need I say more about the food and energy?

In case you haven’t noticed Obama is hot on the campaign trail and we all know he is the master of the soft shoe and magician tricks. He has just pulled another Obama rabbit out of his hat and is stating that it’s time to talk about getting our fiscal house in order.

Obama says he wants a balanced approach – he wouldn’t know the meaning of “balanced” if it hit him in the fanny. He’s redistributed our money for 21/2 years plus all he received from grants during his community service crap and now he wants to talk.

What I see as the next albatross on our horizon is the Republicans will cave on this, just as they did on the budget. Inflation will kick in big time and you’ll be crying wolf once again. You’re a big boy now, either wear the big boy pants or resign from your position.

Please understand that many of the politicians in the White House don’t understand that our deficit and debt are etched at the hip, not separate issues. If and only if you have a clear vision on how to reduce spending and implement that plan immediately, don’t even think about raising the debt ceiling.

As I said earlier, you’re in over your head and it would be best to get a group of world renown economists to explain to all Republicans what will happen if the debt ceiling is raised without addressing the deficit and debt problem.

Mr. J. Boehner, surely you aren’t planning to kick America to the curb one more time. May God Bless America

As Always.
Little Tboca