To My Friends Who Voted "No"

To:  All my Patriotic friends who are fighting to restore our Nation’s once strong foundation
A special thanks to our friends who voted “no” on the budget and a special thanks to Paul Ryan who has a very difficult fight ahead (let’s give him our support.)  To John Boehner, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan.

In Obama’s budget speech, he actually insisted that Americans must maintain their commitment to help the poor and unlucky or we pretty much were throwing our greatness away. This is a moral take on our problems and I strongly disagree with that statement.

Americans are resilient and the first to offer a helping hand to those in need, but as you know many years ago we established programs that take care of the poor, unlucky and to my horror “illegal aliens.”

It is the President’s job to lead, he took this oath and it’s time for him to resign or fulfill his duties as laid out by our Constitution.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Now, Obama took this oath and it’s time for him to resign or fulfill his duties as laid out by our Constitution. It is obvious that he doesn’t have the ability to execute his duties, and my suggestion would be place him on a 60 day plan and at that time ask for his resignation if he can’t handle his responsibilities.  He is an employee of the people – we don’t work for him!

It’s a waste of American’s time to have to endure one more glorified, nonsensical speech such as we listened to this week.  He did his usual magician trick along with his soft shoe and blamed the Republicans, Rand Paul, the Republicans and those who earn 250,000 plus.  He’s truly the master of the “blame game.”

Notice his worn out band aid fix is to raise taxes on the very ones who keep our economic engine alive and well.  It is my heartfelt feelings that if he asks Americans to keep their commitment to the poor and the unlucky, then he must lead first. Obama always wants us to suck it up and give a little more for his “personal gain.”  We’ve been committed!

This includes Mrs. Obama, I didn’t vote for her to be my President and I don’t want her spending our money unless she asks permission.  Next, she needs to cut her many hand maidens down to 2 or 3 – she seems to think that we gave her open charge card too…  WRONG!

We all know this budget message was laced with doom and gloom, ridicule of those who are trying to save our Nation from financial disaster and once again asking Americans to save his fanny.  It doesn’t work that way anymore – we want him restricted from his astronomical social events and frequent flying escapades at this time.

Meaning, please consider taking his frequent flyer card away along with the open charge card that he uses for his personal outings and pleasures.  He’s obsessed with lavish vacations and it’s obvious that his budget speech was the start of his campaign for 2012.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama have the options of paying their own way and unless he is doing work for the American people, which sseems doubtful, please consider grounding him along with his 60 day plan that details how a President should behave and perform.

As leader, I expect Mr. Obama to put his hands into the sharing pot with all Americans and start cutting back on his personal expenditures that eat away at our money.  “May God Bless America.”

As Always, Little Tboca
Marcia Wood