Obama, Pelosi, Reid - the Triplets

When will they stop sneaking behind closed doors? When will they start being responsible for making wise decisions for our Nation and all Americans?

When will they start listening to the people and realize that their selfish agenda needs to be relegated to the ancient history shelves? They’re every where, they’re every where!

Reid of course has several irons in the fire, but one that would be most dangerous to our Congress is the ruling that would lower the filibuster threshold allowing Democrats to jam their agenda down our throats. Why does good ole Harry think he’s entitled to change our Senate laws, which have been etched in stone for many, many moons?

The AFL – CIO will sneak the card check through Congress by piggybacking it with other legislation. Unions aren’t going to let the Democrats forget that they contributed about 400 million dollars to their friends, the Democrats. So buyer beware, Obama, Reid and Pelosi have no choice, but to try to find a comfy home for these bills.

Don’t count Nancy Pelosi out – she may no longer be the House Speaker, but her presence will be felt by all of us the next two years. Yes, she referred to the massacres in Tucson as a tragic accident and for this we should forgive her.

But, she will continue her march to disengage any and all who have opinions that differ from hers and we must remember that Nancy Pelosi without a doubt one to carefully watch during the next year. Nancy is alive and well.

For 2011 it appears that some of the News Media will continue their evil rhetoric like they did when the horrific crime in Tucson came to their attention. It’s a way of life for them and most of them aren’t capable of returning to the platform of good journalism.

Hopefully they will realize that Americans are watchful, keeping a constant vigil on all of the media. If its ratings they want in 2011, possibly they should start by telling both sides of the story with accurate information for their fellow Americans.

The good news is this – we will probably have a reprieve from the constant propaganda and rhetoric for a few week or months.

For Obama, he’ll fight those repealing Obamacare tooth and nail. He”ll give us a bit of time, hoping we become complacent and then once again try to slip the comprehensive immigration bill through. He realizes securing the borders should be the number one issue before changing any immigration laws, but so far he hasn’t heard our voices.

I’m sure two of his handlers who have been busy preparing for the 2012 election (Plouffe and Axelrod) will tighten the puppet strings on Obama and hand feed him his speeches and upcoming agenda for they are grooming him for 2012.

Our new representatives in the House and Senate will have a hard road in 2011, but they have heard the voices of the people and will start the process of “taking back our country.”

We need to support them every step of the way as they follow their agenda for the New Year. May God Bless each of them and give them the wisdom and courage to endure the beatings they’re about to receive.
As Always, Little Tboca