Our Political President

There are few events that rally the American people behind common ground than military victories. Even more so against such a vile adversary like Osama bin Laden, the face of terrorism which struck our country to the core just over a decade ago. Only a year after the heroic operation which put an end to bin Laden the president is losing his advantage and his message by playing politics with our military accomplishments.

Just as President George W. Bush suffered the political ramifications of “Mission Accomplished” President Obama is in the hot seat for overselling and taking too much credit for the brave actions of our military.

President Bush learned from his mistake and recalculated sending an entirely different message after the capture of Saddam Hussein. His address to the nation afterward was full of praise for the hard work of men and women on the ground and those working tirelessly behind the scenes. President Obama’s speech after killing bin Laden was full of personal pronouns and self-congratulatory rhetoric.

For this reason the president may have a problem selling biggest military accomplishment.

Americans have a special affinity for the men and women willing to risk their lives for our country regardless whether they like the military as a whole. President Obama has made the mistake of politicizing the victory for himself rather than letting the chips fall where they may. Americans like credit given, not credit taken.

President Obama had an obvious win if he merely took himself out of the equation, credited Seal Team Six, and left it to the people to interpret. Turning it into a political football by aggrandizing his involvement and using it as an attack on Mitt Romney he belittles his own role in it.

Several Seals have weighed in with less than congratulatory rhetoric about using their accomplishments for political mileage.

Most depressing is the apparent role that politics had on the decision making process.

President Obama’s surrogates in the media have hammered home the point that if the operation failed it would have had potentially devastating political consequences to the President. While there is certainly truth to this, most Americans don’t like the idea of politics playing a deciding role in decisions regarding our military and national security.

Military decisions shouldn’t involve political calculus but even after the bin Laden raid this President decided to publicize it before making any attempt to harvest and use the information discovered. Politics took precedence over practicality.

Our political President has put his own vain glory ahead of sound decision making. I’m glad the President made the right call and we got bin Laden. I am disappointed to see a fantastic victory for our troops used as election fodder by our political President.