My thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling on Same Sex Marriage

The amount of both despair and jubilance circulating around today’s rulings is quite something. However, while religion is a crucial guiding light for any person calling themselves a Christian, so too is the Constitution a crucial guiding light for any person calling themselves an American. Looking through the lens of the Constitution, the fact that America has freedom of religion, and the fact that the Constitution is quite clear on the fact that all people are born equal, in a strictly Constitutional sense, Same Sex Marriage should be legal nationwide and SCOTUS was right to rule this way. However, the Constitution also does not trample on the rights of Religion. Thus any Church, Mosque, Synagogue, et al. should be allowed to refuse to wed Same Sex Couples. This is not because of hate but because of beliefs. In any sense some Churches are open to Same Sex Marriage and thus would be open to performing a marriage of this kind, others are firm in their belief that it is immoral and thus should not have their rights trampled on either. JMO.

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