If we had a Muslim President

With all this sudden media crazed focus on the hypothetical proposition of having a Muslim President, it brought to mind another question.

If we had a Muslim President, what would America’s actions look like? It might look like this.

1) At the first opportunity, he would publicly decry that Israel should fall back to its 1967 borders.

2) He would turn his back on Iran’s popular Green movement and revolt, the Arab Spring and their fight for freedom against the Khamenei regime.

3) He would defend the religion of Islam by refusing to call terrorism by Muslims as Islamic terrorism claiming that would defame Islam.

4) He would withdraw from the middle east and allow an ISIS Caliphate to form by providing only token resistance.

5) He would compare Christianity of today to the Crusades of 900 years ago.

6) He would dismiss  America as the reason for so much evil around the world.

7) He would treat Iran as our biggest ally.

8) He would treat Israel with disdain.

9) He would dismiss our Constitution as irrelevant and use executive decree as he pleased.

10) He would weaken American culture with an open border policy where citizenship no longer matters.

11) He would corrupt the voting process, the Department of Justice, the IRS and the EPA to augment and protect his authority.

12) He would advocate for a Mosque and Islamic Center near the WTC ground zero site.

13) He would swap 5 Muslim terrorist leaders for a deserter.

14) He would use political correctness and invoke racism to stifle criticism and freedom of speech because he owns the main stream media as a birthright of the modern Democrat party.

What would a Muslim President look like? He would look like Barack Hussein Obama.


To the memory of the great Paul Harvey. Good Day.