What We've Learned From This Administration

Unions should have no place in government

They stand in a position of power between the voting electorate (taxpayer) and government elected officials. They are unaccountable to the voter yet usurp the force and power equal to that of a separate branch of government. This breeds corruption, incompetence, lethargy, graft and a culture of special interest. Examples – exist in every department of government but the most visible and alarming are the VA, the IRS, the EPA and the State Department where criminal behavior does not get you fired and at worst rewarded with paid time off or a transfer promotion. But for those who don’t follow the status quo, who tell the truth as we’ve seen in the Benghazi hearings the State Department demotes whistle blowers, as does the VA. The EPA acts as a gestapo agency with the capabilities to shut down any size organization or any individual at a whim. No work force has effectiveness or efficiency when they can act with impunity. It doesn’t exist in the private sector and it shouldn’t in the public sector. Solution – a constitutional amendment or a constitutional challenge in the Supreme Court.

The President should not have the power to nominate his own attorney general.

After living the Obama experience these 6 years, seeing is believing. This combined alliance places too much power in the executive branch. With the cooperation and right hand loyalty of a hand picked candidate this president can choose which laws to obey or ignore knowing he has the necessary backup. He can boldly disregard the constitution, use government agencies to destroy political foes, enact laws through executive action, transfer powers to legislate (bypass congress) to the EPA, DOE and other government agencies. Diminish, delay and prevent investigations from getting a foothold into corrupt behavior. And with the assistance of a compliant media, the seeds are sewn for a government that has no resemblance to a constitutional republic we see slipping away.

The private sector is more efficient than the public sector

It’s amazing when government tries to emulate the private sector, they end up looking like a giant version of Fawlty Towers. They get it wrong every time. The VA is the clearest example where Obama’s last Secretary of Veteran Affairs, retired general Eric Shinseki, instituted a bonus policy to incentivize performance. Bonuses have become common place in the Obama bureaucracy. What comes about is the exact reverse of their intention. It seems they ended up incentivizing schemes to manipulate records and withhold services. Career government people historically haven’t demonstrated the slightest knowledge in operating large entities efficiently. It gets worse with Obama.

In private industry bonuses are paid from profit, There should be no bonuses in government because they are fully funded by tax payers. They are a monopoly. There are no other competing enterprises to compare themselves to. With baseline budgeting enacted during the inflationary 70’s, meaning their department budgets automatically increase 7% annually, they don’t even have to worry about prior year comparisons. Incentivizing becomes a perversion of spend it or lose it and competing with your shadow. If they want to try to earn the perks of the private sector, they should try working in the private sector. As it is, they receive their perks on average in higher wage, pension and benefits and woefully, guaranteed employment.

Washington needs to lose the special interest groups

To see the heavy influence of special interest in government, one has to look no further than to our 70,000 or so pages of federal income tax codes. Reforming the tax code to a point where the IRS is a mere shell of itself would go a long way to reforming government. Amazingly, this country survived without a federal income tax for more than half it’s history.

A Balanced Budget Amendment

Perhaps this would also serve to help resolve the problem of special interest. States can’t run amuck with their finances. Why on earth is it acceptable for the federal government. I know Obama thinks he can print money forever without penalty but at some nearing point in the future high inflation and high interest rates are going to come on board The Great Obama Titanic. That future event will devastate the budget and the economy. I know what it’s like to have the banks cancel credit lines. The fat cats living large off government, including elected officials, bureaucrats and contractors are the last to know when the giant turd hits the fan. That’s why new blood is needed.


It’s becoming official policy to ignore immigration law and treat our borders as open borders. This is the capper. The leader of an over sized government that can’t get out of it’s own way has written a virtual open invitation to Latin America. Come one, come all. The word is quickly passing through the Latin media and it won’t be long before the chaos we see now with 90,000 children passing over annually will explode into millions. At that point, I’m afraid is when everyone, even the liberal media will know Rome is burning.


Enough already, ship it to Russia.

The Solution

Give government a crew cut. Return to State government many of the large federal bureaucracies where they can be the true laboratories of innovation for government and set the framework to privatize a majority of all government.