The Liberal Media Owns This Debacle

After 4 decades the media and the left have finally gotten the government they have been waiting for.. They have effectually torn up the constitution favoring individual freedom for a vague utopian ideal serving mass equality through collectivism and embracing a Marxist ideology that so famously failed in the former Soviet Union. So now we have the supreme leader and the top heavy power of central control telling us all how life should be for the betterment of all.  And the media clearly soaking in the sun in this new brotherhood as the intellectual elite in charge of brokering information to the unenlightened are guaranteeing this all encompassing abuse of power as they go about whitewashing all traces of corruption from wince it came. We all know the big three. Each one is bigger than Watergate. This government oversteps in a way that has become routine. But who holds the media responsible? They are shrewd in their neglect and crafty in their slander. Yet too many of the Republican opposition in congress appear content just to have a resting place in this new politburo. It appears we the people are so screwed that our only future is more government like this.

But big government and big corruption is not achieved inadvertently It takes a major level of dedication. From the start, the Obama Administration has actively interfered in our free enterprise system as if the private sector was a department of government. He has often spoke in terms of people needing to work together to achieve the greater good. The words can sound like a football coach rallying his players or a minister evangelizing to his flock. But the political principle of collectivism is centralized social and economic control, especially of all means of production. So why should it surprise anyone when the rubber hits the road and he’s actually taking over entire private industry sectors and diddling with others.

We take our freedoms for granted as naturally as we breath air. But as government keeps growing our freedoms disappear in a cloud of regulation. There’s nothing you can do anymore that doesn’t come with a tax or violation of law somewhere on the books.

With 40,000 new regulations this past year, government bureaucracy has become the new virtual legislative body. We have seen and many have experienced how Obama’s white house uses the IRS and the EPA to terrorize and destroy their political foes. Dr. Ben Carson knows Obama’s wrath having answered several IRS audits after criticizing his policies in a public forum. They instill fear, restrict speech and punish those who don’t follow along passively with calls to racism and emotional slanders. A loyal media doubling down conspires further to intimidate and minify opposition. These are the weapons and tactics of dictators.

But how can this possibly be sustainable? How long can a willing media keep up this charade? And how long can the facts be ignored? 17 Trillion in debt, next month it will be 18 trillion and 19 trillion before the year is out. How on earth do you manage that?

And as you make out your check to the IRS today, how does it make you feel pissing your money into a giant sea of red ink?

Washington and government corruption are more synonymous now than ever. They are swimming in the excesses of their deceit, neglect, waste and greed.           

Common sense seems to have left the room a long time ago. A balanced budget amendment is needed now! You don’t belong there if you can’t muster that minimum level of integrity and commitment.  

But of course there’s not a penny to be cut because they’re already at the bone. Well, this cancer needs to be cut out. We start with no more baseline budgeting, Then we restructure everything starting with the foundation.  As they say all government is local and a lot of it should be, transfer it to the state level. That will eliminate some big departments and bring accountability, solutions and services closer to the people and the private sector where further efficiencies can be done.

One metaphor of Obama I heard recently hit the mark square. The commentator said he’s Julius Caesar to his citizenry and Neville Chamberlain to the rest of the world. Before long I’m afraid it might be ‘Nero fiddles as Rome burns’.

Despite Obama’s first days apology tour and his lead from behind Nevil Chamberlain style foreign policy, the world is becoming a more dangerous place as 20th century nationalism is right back in vogue.. Iran, Syria, Russia Islamic declarations are just starter points. I don’t believe we should be the world’s policeman ala Bush but we’ve allowed our allies to become non assets by following there lead instead of leading NATO in a way that demands more accountability from its members.

One thing I am sure of, what we are experiencing today could not be possible if we had an education system that taught our children the 3 greatest documents in this land are the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and The Bill of Rights. It is our founding fathers and the principles and values of individual freedom and limits to power found in these documents that allowed and inspired a country never so formed in the history of civilization to be great. And we should damn well be proud of it.



  1. Our Constitution is being hijacked
  2. Our enemies are getting bigger and more threatening as we are growing weaker.
  3. Our economy is shrinking while our debt is exploding.
  4. We are losing our freedoms while government grows more intrusive and expansive
  5. The media is actively deceiving the public and they own this debacle