Government Is Too Invested In Itself To Hear The Message

The Evolving Storm

Increase taxes. Decrease taxes.

Fine. But what are you going to do with the real problem?

Do you think every tax dollar serves a good cause, is spent efficiently, is respected like it was earned by the spender.

Or do you think this is more like giving your teenage daughter more allowance so she can pay the interest and continue using her credit card.

Why does government have to keep getting bigger?

Why do government employees make 75% more than their counterparts in the private sector (salary & benefits) or pay no social security tax or why this sector is expanding while the private sector is shrinking. In gaining a truer perspective note this example; comparing apples to apples if all the federal tax of a private sector worker went to support the employ of a comparable public sector worker the ratio would be 10 to 1 private sector jobs needed to pay for one government job. And yet they see expanding federal jobs as stimulus spending. It’s this approach to economy that has NY and CA near bankruptcy and how Italy, Germany and France are in the throes of it.

This is the evolving storm.

There is no common sense when it comes to government spending and accountability. They talk of a federal wage freeze as setting an example. What a joke. Instead try scaling it back. Wouldn’t that be a stimulus for the private sector – start by cutting federal jobs, reducing the wage scale and their 100% pension benefits they start collecting the day after they leave as setting an example. Working for the government used to mean sacrificing a lower wage for higher security and benefits. That’s been corrupted. Public sector workers have been made into the new privileged elite class. This has to be turned on its head. A new culture is needed in the capitol.

There are entire government departments that should be eliminated or decentralized and managed from the state level. Instead we have this overlapping, redundant, multi-layered bureaucracy. The Department of education serves as a good example. More and greater spending has done nothing but reward the declining effectiveness of our education system. The bureaucracy of government, unions, teachers and administrators eat up the bounty and leave the classroom with the leftovers. The emphasis has degenerated to enriching the participants in the system over the student.

Many states have taken their lead from what has become the national theme, what can government do for you along with programs that appropriately defy logic. But that is what happens I guess when the goal is to try to be everything to everybody. You become the great guarantor. Subsidizing Farmers not to farm their land, People not to work and Wall Street to pass it’s risk to others – us.

Whether it’s the big D or the big R, there’s just too much of both of you!

Is there really a reason why we still have a large military presence in Germany?

The reality is the plight begins with the low respect given to the source of the revenue because the spender is not the earner.  Like the young child that naively thinks money just drops out of the sky (printing money), to these people money is not a variable to worry about. It just is, like costs should always go up and budget allocations have automatic increases built-in and the philosophy of spend it or lose it is the prevalent methodology.

Programs and departments become interdependent must justify relevance by growing. Programs once started find reason to live forever. New departments created to manage old departments that have grown too big to be effective. Now stimulus is the new word for more and bigger. That’s the answer for recession? More stimulus, more government on the backs of a dwindling private sector.

We have more local, state and federal representation than ever. What was once part time patriotic work is now full time and full benefits. Instead of protecting the rights and freedoms of the individual, the emphasis has changed to promoting the world’s greatest Ponzi scheme. For many republicans and democrats, politics has become a way of life that reflects their special place of influence. The reflective attitude is how much can I get out of this for me. It is the perfect lobby system and the perfect money pump where all participants live the life. And the taxpayer gets screwed.

Government needs reform but don’t expect much from those crusty politicians of their own volition. The new blood from the November elections will bring some new attitudes and fresh approaches I pray. But there remains the old guard of both sides. Are they all double dealers and predominantly motivated by self interest?

Well, it’s prominent on both sides.

Former Republican House majority leader Dennis Hastert left his position early, retiring in a cloud of smoke in a scandalous land deal. He used his influence to promote the construction of a highway through previously land locked property in which he shared an investment with a development company using the occasion to net an estimated $3 million profit in less than 2 years. It made the Fox News special investigative report, “Porked: Earmarks for Profit,”. Another dandy perk is the special privileges given ex-speakers after they leave office. In just 2 years Hastert has already run through $1 million in taxpayer dollars. After leaving office he went directly to working as a lobbyist.

Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reed who entered government with average means has become one of the richest members in Congress over his career. Amazing how those investments always come up big. Nancy Pelosi thought of herself as America’s queen and wanted the showy privileges that even the queen of England would consider audacious including a taxpayer paid private 200 seat 737 jetliner with all the frills, three times a week commuting from her home state to be exact at a cost of $480,000 a month.

The list of examples reaches across the country where both earmarks and privileges are used for personal gain.

A history of cronyism and entitlements as a right has created a disconnect from many of the folks they serve.

Change and reform will only come from a loud, demanding, persistent and unyielding commitment to challenge those who we have placed in positions of trust and to do what is right by this great citizenry.

Elections are not changing much but who gets paid. How do we get to where we need to go from here? My advice. The States have shown the way good and bad. Don’t take the path to ruin as NY and CA have revealed. Look at the example of a state that is climbing out of a very big hole, New Jersey. Follow the direction of States that people and businesses are moving to.

It Is Time To Take A Stand.

So get off your couch as Howard Beale would say. Go to the window, open it and shout. I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

And don’t stop until you feel the surge of commitment this cause needs firing through your veins.