Right vs left and how to tell the difference

It’s fairly common knowledge that each person on the planet is dominate on one side of the brain or the other. The left side of our brain is logical and the right is emotional. The eye/brain wiring criss-crosses in the middle which is why we call lefties liberals rather than the other way around. This bias is what makes the difference between liberals and conservatives so unavoidable.. It’s as old as humanity itself. All the way back to the first caveman politics.. Gorak has this crazy idea about fire and how it will change the cave forever and not everybody gets on board with his progressive fire talk

Our eye/brain dominance is actually evident in the positioning of our eyes. You can look at any person alive and see that one of their eyes is positioned higher that the other. If a person is right eye/left brain dominate, their right eye’s iris will appear slightly higher than the left eye.  The left brain being the side of logic, that person would be biased more towards logic than creativity (emotion) and vice versa for liberals.

Facing a person straight on and reading theirs eyes can give you an indication of how a person is most likely to lean.  We overcome this electrical bias in varying degrees with internal filters based on upbringing, idealogy, etc, but, we never fully overcome the hard-wired bias of our brain.

I’ve put together a photo collection of various personalities to illustrate the eye dominance and grouped them according to liberal or conservative. Some of the results are quite surprising