Did Cameron steal "Avatar" from 1994 Dean Koontz book?

It took Cameron 15 years to come up with an idea so formulaic, he had to make the characters blue to create difference. Then again, perhaps he didn’t come up with the idea at all.

Here’s an excerpt from a Dean Koontz novel from 1994. Hmmm….about 16 years ago. Interesting.

To set up the scene (and this includes a few spoilers), a nameless government agency employs a man named Roy, who – in his spare time – uses compassion has a holy reason for ruthless killing. Stressed over work? He’ll shoot you in the head so that you no longer have to be stressed. Confined to a wheelchair? He’ll pop you for the good of mankind and to relieve you of the your burden of living.
Roy is a fascist. And to understand the twisted logic of anything from Communism to Fascism to even Compassionate Government, you need to understand the insane thought process of a man like Roy.
Or just read Dean Koontz book, Dark Rivers of the Heart.

This is the passage that has Avatar written all over it.

(Roy) took comfort from the knowledge that if he were to die, he would go to the great cosmic party and be welcomed by so many friends whom he’d sent ahead of him with great tenderness. For Eve’s sake, he wanted to live, but to some extent he longed for that higher plane where there was a single sex, where everyone had the same radiant-blue skin color, where every person was perfectly beautiful in an androgynous blue way, where no one was dumb, no one too smart, where everyone had identical living quarters and wardrobes and footwear, where there was high-quality mineral water and fresh fruit for the asking.

Roy wants everyone to be blue, as does Cameron. He also wants them not too smart, i.e. not all that technologically advanced like…say…the Na’vi, but not too dumb either. Oh, and can the men and women look pretty much the same? God didn’t quite get the gender idea right, making them both so different. Thankfully, Cameron fixed that.
What I really want to know is, why be so prejudiced against purple? Huh? Or coral? You lavender bigots.

“I’ve heard people say this film is un-American, while part of being an American is having the freedom to have dissenting ideas,” Cameron said, prompting loud applause from a capacity crowd at the ArcLight Hollywood.

Exactly. Yet you want a world with none. No dissenting ideas. No ideas, period, unless they are yours.
Liberals, like Cameron, want a world where everyone is punished for accomplishment, punished for excelling, silenced for differing opinions, then homogenized and living the exact same lives. Thinking the same, speaking the same, all the same. Should our uniforms have buttons? Or hook and eyes?
This is what they want for everyone…except themselves.

Roy was a pudgy fellow, unattractive, rather plain in most circumstances. Yet he’d murder others for holding these same attributes. Mediocrity for thee, not for me.
These Hollywood loudmouths, like Will Ferrell or Jim Carrey or Matt Damon or James Cameron, are Roy – minus the killing. They practice the same self-righteous hypocrisy, bemoaning supposed greed while making tens and hundreds of millions to entertain (though often not well) an audience for two hours.

That’s fine. Make your money. Have success. Live your life. Splurge where you want. Give where you want. Live however you want. But do not revel in your lavish, carbon-gluttonous lifestyle while beating others over the head because we prefer toilet paper to reusable clothes, or making our own money to begging from the government. Basically, try not to be such a hypocrite.

What makes America great, Mr. Cameron, isn’t only the dissenting ideas, it’s the freedom to also live them.