Big Government Bureaucracy Paved the Way fo GSA Abuse

The General Services Administration (GSA) officials and staff appear to be champions at gaming the system and bilking taxpayers out of millions of dollars. Big government bureaucracy allowed the abuse to grow to such substantial levels and to go unchecked for nearly two years. While blame for the improper spending should rest squarely on the shoulders of GSA officials, the Obama administration and Inspector General Brian Miller are not above reproach either. Miller submitted a preliminary report about improper travel expenses at the GSA to the Obama administration in May 2011, according to the Associated Press.Thousands of taxpayer dollars were wasted because Congress was left uniformed.

  Although Fox News credits Miller with “blowing the whistle” on excessive agency spending, it took him far too long to put his lips together and blow. During his Capitol Hill hearing testimony earlier this week, he offered as many excuses as he did facts. It has been nearly two years since the now infamous Las Vegas conference and a full report on the investigation has not yet been completed.

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