Bob Beckel's F-Bomb Drop Proves Liberals Struggle with Self-Restraint

Liberal commentator Bob Beckel channeled his inner Joe Biden and let the F-bomb fly during an
episode of the Sean Hannity show earlier this week. The venom in Beckel’s tone
was far more shocking than hearing the curse word uttered on live TV.

Beckel continued a heated debate over the success of the Head Start
program into the commercial break and missed the signal that the show was
back on the air, according to Business Insider. The notoriously outspoken Beckel appeared to
have a hard time comprehending why Hannity was calling on him to apologize and
initially thought the show’s host was joking about his swearing tirade being
heard by viewers.

While Beckel losing his temper at conservative contributor Neil Boortz is the headline-grabbing
aspect of the incident, that is not the intriguing part of the story. As the
profusely sweating Beckel sat unusually quiet in his chair, the other panel
members began a discussion about liberal angst. The guests were correct when
noting liberals have a difficult time abstaining from personal attacks when
disagreeing on an issue.

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