President Obama's Lavish Vacations are Under Scrutiny Again

President Barack Obama is very adept at side-stepping questions and diverting the
conversation from real issues to partisan rhetoric. Earlier this week Obama sat
down with ABC News St. Louis anchorman Larry Conners to discuss the “Buffett Rule”
and again proved how out of touch he is with the American people. Once the
interview turned to the topic excessive and expensive vacations taken by the
first family, Obama’s entire demeanor changed as he evaded the question,
according to videos clips on The Blaze.

A president deserves to take a vacation with his family. White House travel is always heavily scrutinized and
publicized. The frequent trips create an image of opulence at the expense of the
taxpayers. President Obama’s family vacations and state business trips
should not also be a part of his campaign schedule. Perception is reality in the
political arena. Every time the first family is photographed stepping off Air
Force One, the trip is typically viewed as leisure travel by voters.

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