Hilary Rosen's Comments are Offensive to all Stay-at-Home Moms

The stay-at-home mom remarks uttered by misguided Democratic commentator Hilary Rosen on CNN highlights how desperate liberals are to claim that Republicans have waged a war on women. Stay-at-home moms work hard every single day, even if though they do not earn a paycheck. Feminists should be in an uproar over the attack on a woman’s right to make important lifestyle choices,
but they have remained silent on the issue. Rosen’s claims that Ann Romney has no right
to comment on issues she believes are important because she chose to remain at
home with her five children are demeaning.

Making the decision to leave your children in the care of others or to set aside your own aspirations and devote the
maximum amount of time possible to child rearing is the most difficult decision
any mother ever faces. Balancing work and family can be a hardship, but is often
necessary to make ends meet, especially during a rough economy. Professional and
stay-at-home moms should not be pitted against one another.

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