Occupy Santa Monica College Protest was Juvenile and Destructive

A group of rowdy youngsters screamed, stomped, pounded on windows and kicked
doors because they didn’t get their way in California earlier this week. The group
was not comprised of toddlers or students that had escaped from a juvenile detention
center, they were college students. The sophomoric protest at
Santa Monica College was as unnecessary as it was destructive.

A Board of Trustees meeting was held because
students were upset about a plan to increase fees for specific summer classes, according
to The Blaze. If the tuition was not raised, the classes would be
withdrawn due to state budget cuts. If California liberals had not spent
frivolously with complete disregard for the taxpayers, such an increase would
not be necessary. The college is planning on utilizing some private sources to
fund 50 of the summer courses. The liberal students, just like their Occupy Wall
Street brethren, prefer to be dependent upon the government instead of utilizing
the private sector.

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