'Take Care Down There' Campaign is not Worth Taxpayer Dollars

Promoting safe sex practices is a worthy endeavor, but should it be done at public expense and be
posted in view of young children? The Planned Parenthood “Take Care Down There”
campaign will likely influence very few and spend thousands of taxpayer dollars in the
process. Clear Channel refused to post the explicit billboard images in the regions of
Ohio it services, according to the Associated Press. The Columbus Public Health Department garnered
$20,000 from a federal social services program to create the advertisements.

The “Take Care Down There” website issues a
disclaimer about the mature content visitors must read and click through before
entering. The campaign is directed toward young adults and gay middle-aged men, the
Associated Press reports. Roadside billboards cannot exclude the
age-inappropriate material from being read by elementary school students.

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Childhood seems to just get shorter and
taxpayer money should not be used to further erode the innocence of youth.

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