Rebecca Kleefisch Story Proves Feminist Bias

The feminist outrage over the treatment of Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch is a bit underwhelming. If the sexist
and vulgar comments were directed toward a liberal female and not a tea party
candidate, bras would be burning on the state house lawn and juvenile chants
would deafen the ears. Feminist
groups only care about the equitable and professional treatment of women
if the lady in question is a union-loving politician in sensible shoes.

The femme-a-gogues, as political analyst Michelle Malkin so cleverly calls feminist leaders on her website, have been exceptionally
quiet while sexually explicit and crude comments have been hurled at Kleefisch by a series of progressive radio hosts. There is no
logical reason why the defense of harassed women stops when the target happens
to believe in small government and fiscal responsibility.

According to Malkin’s blog, Wisconsin radio host John Sylvester accused
Kleefisch of performing fellatio on Milwaukee talk-show hosts during a recent
broadcast. There were no sign-waving protestor in front of the radio building,
or boycotts of his program.

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