Ohio Democrats Once Again Bow to Union Influence

Democrats once again demonstrated their allegiance to unions earlier this week
when refusing to support a bill simply because the teachers union opposed two
aspects of the proposal.

A Cleveland education reform plan, touted by
many as a model other districts should follow to enhance academics and save
taxpayer funds, remains in limbo due to the inability of liberal to focus on the
best interests of the children.

The plan does not propose to make radical
collective bargaining changes or force teachers to pay a higher rate for their
own health insurance.

Even though Ohio Democratic politicians are on board
with the vast majority of the education plan, they are unwilling to vote for
legislation, which the teachers union opposes.

The two sticking points:

(1) The Cleveland Teachers Union and the Ohio Federation of
Teachers oppose the “fresh start” portion of the plan designed to
eliminate carryover agreements and bargain from a clean slate, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

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