Human Trafficking

Human trafficking in the United States
results in millions of victims each year, according to the Washington Times. Victims of the underground human trafficking
trade are often forced to become sex workers and servants on farms. Governor John Kasich
vowed to combat human trafficking and the sex trade in Ohio earlier this week by
creating a statewide task force to investigate such crimes, the Columbus Dispatch reports. The Crips street gang has expanded
into high schools across the nation to recruit young girls who are then turned
into prostitute and subjected to assault if they attempt to escape, the
Washington Times reports.

Sex Trade

The use of online social networking websites
has fostered greater access to young women to turn into captive sex
workers, according to the Washington Times. Websites such as Date Hook Up and
Facebook have been used by prostitution rings and street gangs to lure girls and young women
into a life of forced sex. Most sex slaves or forced sex workers are girls
around the age of 15, according to U.S. District Court in Alexandria case
documents published in the Washington Times. Victims of the sex trade are from varying
class, religious and racial backgrounds, according to Project Meridian
Foundation statistics also reported in the Washington Times. A total of 1.6
million minors have been forced in sex-for-hire scenarios in the United States.
The American child sex trade includes both native and foreign-born citizens.

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