Give Democrats What They Want and They Still Complain

Ohio liberal lawmakers opposed to reasonable voter reform laws are biting off their nose to
spite the face this week. Misguided Democrats and the League of Women Voters
are upset House Republicans are willing to delay a vote and discuss repeal House Bill 194, the Columbus Dispatch reports. Republican lawmakers offered to give their peers across the aisle another week to review the bill and negotiate changes
instead of continuing with a costly referendum vote.

The bill is perfect as it is, but Republicans deserve credit for thinking of the voters instead of personal
political gain. If the referendum has enough support to overturn the reasonable
reforms initiated to ensure fair and organized elections, it would change a
multitude of election board and voting procedures between the primary and
general election. Governmental agencies are not known for speediness and the
confusion that would occur to change policies once again would hinder the
election process.

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