Delightful Anti-Keith Olbermann Video Goes Viral

Keith Olbermann’s massive ego cost him another news anchor job. News of
Olbermann’s termination broke last week, but conservative commentators picked up
on the topic this week and are readily sharing their thoughts on the firing and
pending lawsuit with viewers.
S.E. Cupp, a frequent target of Olbermann rants, cuts loose on her political foe
during a Glenn Beck TV (GBTV) broadcast this week. The GBTV video of Cupp’s no-nonsense
comments went viral within hours of the airing. Cupp was entirely accurate when
she said Olbermann has basically run out of networks which are willing to offer
him a job. It must be embarrassing for a man full of such hubris to be replaced
by scandal plagued ex-governor Eliot Spitzer.

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