Were Conservatives supposed to hate "Avatar?" Not sure if I got left off the VRWC distro

According to Patrick Goldstein at the LA Times, conservatives are supposed to hate the movie “Avatar.”  I’m really concerned because I didn’t hear this.  I want to make sure that I haven’t been left off the email distro of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  Granted I’ve been throwing away a lot of RNC contribution requests, but I didn’t think Blackwater and the Carlyle Group were sifting through my recycling already.

Given that Stephen Colbert says that Redstate.com is extremely influential and given that I haven’t seen mention of Avatar in my casual reading of Redstate, I would conclude that conservatives don’t give a crap.  Probably for three reasons:

1.  Hollywood is Leftist and generates Leftist material.  This is not new.  At all.

2.  We’re too busy winning to care.  Conservatives have had their Moscow defense and are now advancing on a wide front westward.  We’re too busy to care about tantrum-boy Cameron and a *gasp* anti-military, anti-God, pro-insurgency, and pro-environmentalist message.  if we want that message we turn on any non-Fox news source.  We’re looking at taking the House and Senate in 2010.  We’re going to have the biggest comeback since Rocky 3.

3.  We enjoy free markets.  I think conservatives increasingly are past steam rollers over DVDs and CDs.  Live and let live.  We’re seeing what our country looks like when freedom loses and we don’t like it.  We’re willing to take the good with the bad, and let the folks choose for themselves.  I’ll watch Avatar because it looks novel and cutting edge, and I saw “Titanic” twice.