A Catholic priest is caught breaking vows, thank the Lord with a woman!

It’s pretty sad when you read about a Catholic priest and are just so RELIEVED that he got caught with a woman.  This, of course, being on the heels of the Archbishop Weakland announcement that he’s gay.  It doesn’t help that Weakland got sacked for being embroiled in a gay sex scandal.  It doesn’t help that Weakland moved around pedophilic priest-predators in the dioscese.  This act represented his weakness on pedophile priests who stole the lives of young children, and in the process, wrecking the church for people like me who now won’t set foot in a parish.

Now I understand why I am relieved a priest got caught with a woman.  Heck, let them get married.  If the church can’t watch these guys, maybe their wives can.  Or at least kicka$$ nuns like the one in the movie “Doubt.”