Outrage over changes to the "It's a Small World Ride" a welcome break over outrage over Obamanomics

Promoted from the diaries because I needed a chuckle and you might too. And Tankertodd is on the money with this. Water boarding has nothing on “It’s a Small World”. –Erick

I had to chuckle when reading this story about Disney Nerd outrage after hearing that Disney is updating the “It’s a Small World Ride” at Disney World.

I chuckle because I took a vacation to Disney World in December and I still want the hour of my life I spent at that ride back from the Grim Reaper.

To emulate Roger Ebert’s greatest review ever, I hated this ride.  Hated hated hated hated it.  As a Disney shareholder, I think it is in Disney’s fiduciary duty to destroy this ride and put up something more worthwhile.  Elderly transport device (ETD) parking or a pretzel stand are some examples.  I am shocked that these Dis-Nerds would complain that Disney is attempting to make the ride relevant to today’s world since it is simply irrelevant in its current form.

I’ve seen better animatronics on “Mythbusters.”  The style is the worst of the 60’s.  Beehive hairdos are less dated than this ride.  The over-optimism obscures the current world today.  I had to wonder how many of the cultures featured in the ride would be happy to throw tomatoes at the Americans gliding by their displays if given the chance.  And I was trying to recall what element of Disney magic was present when I looked up at the ceiling and saw ordinary officespace tiling.  Very odd.

And the song!  The song the song the song!  Give me an hour of William Hung first.

This ride is so bad I fully expect there to be a provision in the porkulus package to fund studies on how to build more shining examples of this nauseating tripe.  At least under President McCain we would spend the money to learn how we could turn this into a psychological weapon.  The thought of developing a portable version of this ride at Gitmo makes me pine for days before we elected Obama.  I’m sure the ride doesn’t fall under the new definition of torture (although I still don’t know what that is.)