Top Ten Good Things about an Obama Presidency

Top Ten Good Things about an Obama Presidency

-Democrats are now 100% accountable and we get to hold them accountable. Iran. Iraq. Bin Laden. North Korea. The Economy. All Democrat problems to solve.

-Four years of “I told you so” privileges with friends and neighbors.

-Sniping from the backbench isn’t exactly leadership but it’s fun.

-Before you marry the good girl you got to date the slutty one and get that out of the way. Obama is our equivalent.

-The conservative agenda would have gone nowhere under McCain. Liberalism’s pendulum was in full ascendancy. Liberalism is the nation’s itch requiring a scratch. After 28 years of center-right politics it was due to happen.

  • The media gets to relearn how to eat its own. This is important if conservatism is to have a chance in the next election. The Press clearly won this for Obama.

  • Conservatism needs to learn how to educate the American people. Letting the Bush Admin get bashed, resorting to anti-rich arguments, and not retorting to attacks on “trickle-down” was indicative that our side’s narrative on economics sucks really, really bad.

  • Obama’s election wipes out the argument for affirmative action. If we can elect a black president I think racism has been effectively mitigated.

  • We still will likely hold filibuster power in the Senate.

  • Sarah Palin gets a chance to bolster her record in Alaska before running in 2012. As Thatcher saved Great Britain from socialism, so too will Palin save us from socialism.