Peggy Noonan welcomes alien overlords.

In the race to concede, Peggy Noonan seems to want to throw in the towel. How nauseating.

The race isn’t over. We know the polls are wrong. We know Obama represents such a large departure from American politics that his election would be akin to electing an ultra-conservative fire and brimstone preacher. How she can think this is over is beyond me. Perhaps she’s trying to get in some compliments before the election is over so she can point to them when the Thought Police start checking up on folks.

I’m glad Peggy Noonan isn’t an elected official. She certainly doesn’t have the mettle of a Teddy Roosevelt, an FDR, or a Ronald Reagan. She writes fairly well, though. I wouldn’t expect her to help defend our Republic though. Sad. We need more people willing to put it all on the line and take to the hills if necessary.