Still NO GAS in Charlotte, NC

Last night I drove the minivan with the kids in search of gas. I looked in 4 municipalities in 2 counties. I passed 12 gas stations. Not one had fuel. None. This is insane. Tonight my wife called gas stations to see who had fuel. Talk about funny accents. One guy commented that he couldn’t understand my wife’s accent, which is funnier since she has no accent. (Perhaps if she was from the south he would have understood her.)

Tonight, the same situation: no gas at any gas stations, except Wal-Mart’s operation. We passed it and it looked like a Soviet supermarket. Lines so long I suspect passers-by got in line just because. The word was that there was a two-hour wait. And for you economists, there was no price increase, and no limit on your purchase, so no incentive for people to take just what you need.

Meanwhile my family truckster had to get filled up from our lawn mower’s gas can. This is completely insane. Let’s not all pat ourselves on the back too much about the success of lifting the moratorium. If Obama wants a chance at winning North Carolina he needed that moratorium to get lifted.

Meanwhile this gas shortage has been quite instructive. Pricing gouging is a good thing when done in moderation. Rumor is that these supply disruptions are largely due to the hoarding that hit here before Hurricane Ike (I am doubtful). Without a free supply of gas I learned that I am significantly uncomfortable. We have to ask ourselves which presidential candidate will best ensure this level of discomfort doesn’t occur. I think we know the answer to that one.

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