Why we need Government Reform: Idiocy at Arlington National Cemetery

Let’s not get caught up in tales of lipstick and sexism. Let’s focus on what the Federal Government urgently needs – REFORM – and determine who is best to deliver it.

This case sticks out as a phenomenal example of the insanity which is Department of Defense procurement.

It’s not good enough that someone found the exact matching marble to replace a cracked piece at our nation’s most revered monument. It’s not enough that the person is willing to donate the piece to the government. It’s not even enough that the replacement piece has sat uninstalled since 2003. But the gall is that the government insists on a costly process to seek bids and procure replacement marble.


I have a classmate who consults with DoD procurement and he noted the extreme amount of process duplication. As an employee at a major for-profit company that knows how to pinch a penny, I have seen waste in our procurement. So if there’s waste in my outfit, I can only imagine the staggering waste in the Pentagon. This must end.

Only McCain can reform the military. McCain/Palin have no fear of the Pentagon’s sacred cows. Any implied argument about being “against the troops” will fall flat on McCain – unless your idea of troops is 200,000 procurement officers in the DoD.