What if they STILL don't listen?

The reviews of President Urkel’s presser yesterday are coming in, and they all seem to say the same thing we pretty much already knew:

He doesn’t think he has to change. He doesn’t even think he did anything wrong.

OK. As I said, we knew that in advance. Cpt. B+’s personality does not permit Clintonian triangulation. Clinton wanted, above all, to be popular, and would do whatever it took to be, once he came to know what it was; This guy thinks he’s right, and of course the troglodytes disagree – That’s why they’re troglodytes. It just shows him how badly we all need for his wisdom to prevail.

So, what to do now?

Well, in few words, Full Speed Ahead.

Yes. Obummer has a veto pen, and the Senate. Make him use them. Make them set the stage for 2012 the way they did for 2010. Get a repeal of ZeroCare through the house, so we can see who votes against it in the Senate. Get lower taxes through the house, and see which Senators want to write their opposition ads for the next election. Strike while the iron is hot.

Boehner says he will do what the people asked for in this election. Good – Do that. Don’t worry about the veto and the Senate. Dare them to oppose repeal. Dare them to oppose tax cuts for all. Dare them to oppose withdrawl of any remaining ‘stimulus’ funds.

As to ourselves, and if and when they do oppose, keep the street theater going. Keep having rallies. Get people in large groups cheering when things pass the house. Get them out screaming (and naming Senator’s names) when the Senate disagrees.

And if it gets through the Senate only to be vetoed, scream about that.

We have them on the ropes, and the people are with us. Let campaign 2012 begin. As Rush says, there’s blood in the water now.

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