The GOP SOTU Response: A Humble Suggestion

I was reading this, among other articles indicating that the Dems may be planning to scale back their demands on health care, and trying to pass something on what they will then be able to call a bipartisan basis, by getting at least a few GOP votes:

The second option calls for drafting a new, compromise bill more palatable to moderates, including some Republicans.

I have a proposal for the GOP to consider. Someone else has to be thinking this, because it’s pretty obvious to my mind:

How about making it clear, right off the bat, that yes, we want to work on it; we have lots of ideas, after all – but the only way this happens, besides starting with a clean piece of paper, is a) actually putting it on CSPAN, and b) no more Dem-only writing sessions? The first time anything like that happens, the GOP holds a big news conference, and says, well, we tried, but there they go again, shutting the door and writing it in secret. After that, it’s make ’em read it on the floor every time – there’ll be no more secrecy, one way or the other.

I have to think the best time to lay this out would be in the SOTU GOP response. After all, if they decide on this tack, as some sort of way to prepare a ‘See? They won’t work with us‘, ‘party of no’- type frame for the upcoming election, that’s where zero will announce it. Why not be ready with a ‘good — first, show us the transparency’ response?