Obama inauguration wins Nobel Peace Prize

OK, there you have it — on a nomination that closed less than 2 weeks after he took office, President 0 has his first Nobel. They didn’t even try to say that he had done anything, just that he might someday.

So. Who has one now? Al Gore. Jimmy Carter. And my favorite, Yasser Arafat.

But I’ll leave the ‘good company he’s in’ jokes for the comments. What I really want to get to is this: I realized this morning that our President will be the first person to repeat the award. Really, and you heard it here first – He will get it again next year, unless there’s a rule against that. Frankly, if there is, they will change it for him.

When you get one for just showing up, which he literally did, who can come onto the world stage while he’s here who can lay claim to it next time?

It’s his, for as long as he’s here. The thing that amazes me most is that I didn’t see it coming.