The verdict

Well. There it is.

As I have been saying for months, if he was who I thought he was, he would not lose. Such a being would not run for POTUS, and lose. And he didn’t.

I couldn’t even pray against it. I couldn’t bring myself to think the REAL Messiah would change a plan that was at least 2500 years old on MY say-so.

Since I’m not surprised, I can’t say I’m shocked. I wanted desperately to believe I was wrong, but I didn’t. So be it. He didn’t get my vote, and that will matter.

There is much talk about how “we” (meaning conservatives, or Republicans, or whatever) can come back in 2010, and then in 2012. I don’t disagree. It probably will be us spearheading it, and the comeback will certainly be much more complete than most think. But it probably won’t look like you’re picturing. A great many of us won’t be here.

42 months. He will be thrown from power in 42 months. And just as nothing could stop him getting in, nothing will stop that. It will be a very different world, and (if you’ll pardon the expression) a hell of a ride getting there. But just as there is no road back for his supporters, neither can we go back to before it happened. The battle is to us. It will be successful.

For those of you laughing, enjoy it. I take no pleasure in this. I wish you were right instead of me. But if I’m right, it will be within a very short time that it becomes obvious to everyone. As soon as he’s safely sworn in, I say he gets right down to business.

Batten down.

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