Stones crying out

Well, Feddie beat me to it, but I had to add my piece on the commercial I just saw.

This is indeed an unusual election. Now, politics ain’t beanbag, as everyone and his brother says; there have been curves, sliders, and all manner of screwballs in this race, and that’s nothing new. Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes maddening, and sometimes it’s just darn gripping theater. But I can honestly say I never saw this one coming. A beautiful dark-haired woman, who survived an abortion 31 years ago, is the latest one to add her voice to the debate.

I say again: A commercial has been made, against the Democrat candidate, by an abortion victim.

I was speechless for over an hour.

I can’t shake the feeling that what the Lord said, so long ago, has started to happen. We’ve been silent too long – The stones themselves have started to cry out.

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