The Question of Our Time

In the spirit of Halloween, I pulled no punches in delivering a scary glimpse into a possible shift to Socialism and the disregard of natural rights in the near future the other day. I wasn’t hitting with measured political talking points from the far right nor am I now invoking the interchangeable and ultimately equal terms of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism simply because I am a conservative who believes that the base of the Democratic party has shifted too far to the left of the political spectrum. My beliefs aren’t based on simple partisanship and my well-founded belief that one particular ideology far surpasses all others in value and effectiveness. They are based on the true underlying theme of this current campaign: Republicans and Democrats aside, we are faced with a more simple question of whether or not integrity still matters to us.

Integrity. Honor. Sound Judgment. These terms all seem to represent something that not everyone has and that not enough people strive to achieve. They speak to a kind of glittering track record, the one created by examples of a man’s character in the toughest and greatest of times. They illustrate all we should hope for in a leader. They illustrate all we should hope for in ourselves. In my last post, I discussed the barbarism of Abortion and the very real possibility that it could be strengthened and more solidified legally under an Obama administration. I cannot believe that a potential majority of the American people have such little respect for the sanctity of life, that they may well elect such an immoral and unscrupulous human being. You say I’m coming on a little strong? Well then think about this: All the while during this campaign, while he toted out his talking points reduced to one word messages of “hope” and “change”, Barack Obama crept more and more into the public consciousness. He became more and more hard to avoid on television, the internet, or in publications we all read. As we became more used to his image we sought to find out more about who he was and what he was all about. We wanted to know who his friends were and who shaped his world view. Not to play the proverbial “guilt by association” politics we have heard so vehemently decried on MSNBC. No, we simply wanted to find out about this man the way we would find out about anyone else, by seeing who he spent his time with. What we found was a crowd that consisted of a Marxist anti-American “pastor”(Jeremiah Wright, his spiritual mentor), a domestic terrorist and also a Marxist anti-American professor (William Ayers), a convicted fraud who gave him “sweetheart” land deals (Tony Rezko), and most recently, an anti-Israel Palestinian Liberation Organization spokesman who also happens to be a gainful employed professor here in America( Rashid Khalidi). This isn’t every bad apple Mr. Obama has spent his time with, but can you see a trend? In his book “Dreams from My Father”, Obama writes about “choosing his friends carefully and including marxists so as not to seem like a sellout.” That’s fine sir, except that for all your talk about bringing people together and working across the aisle, you don’t have too many friends who are in good standing with the American people. National Journal ranked you the most liberal senator in Congress and the fourth most partisan, with partisan being defined as the percentage of times a member votes with his party line. You aren’t a man who represents positive change or bipartisanship, you represent a person who is a loyal devotee of Marxist ideas with the intention of putting them into law in our country. The audacity of Hope isn’t the improbability of your appearance on the world stage as a potential leader, it is the idea that you believe that these kind of radical ideas would work in a country that has denounced and defeated such ideologies in the past. You claim to not be hiding anything, yet you have taken an awfully defensive posture each and every time you are merely disagreed with or placed in any kind of association with the radical people who first helped you rise in the political infrastructure. Worst of all, your wonderful “communication” skills eluded you the first, second, and sometimes third times you were questioned and cornered about your sordid group of friends. They kept growing, from people you knew a little, to people you knew somewhat, to people you knew very well but “strongly disagreed” with. You weren’t disgusted by them. You weren’t compelled to stay away from them. You aren’t stupid enough to have not known what they have done and still do, as you have occasionally said and your word seems somewhat hollow when it keeps changing as evidence to the contrary keeps surfacing.

In this election, were are matching up a genuine American hero, with a genuine anti-American, or at the very least, anti-Capitalist, who will say and do anything to get elected. The talking point of the “economy being the number one issue” is a way to hide the grim truth. Neither candidate has a full proof economic plan to help carry us out of deep recession. In times of such severity and dire challenge we should be voting only on judgment and record, not anything but. Barack Obama has proven to be an intelligent, thoughtful man with soaring speeches. John McCain has repeatedly proven to be an intelligent, thoughtful statesman who will literally break every bone in his body to make sure the American dream endures. Record trumps rhetoric, and one change we don’t need is the abandonment of Integrity.

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