Gather the Goons: Kristallnacht, 2 Conservative Suppression Boogaloo

This is going to be Spicy.

Things will be said that no one wants to hear.

No one will be spared.

Well, that went well.  It looks like the Stacey Abrams machine is alive and well in the formerly great state of Georgia.  Due to a bunch of Simple Jack mouth breathers like Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Cernovich, Ali and the rest of the “Don’t Vote to own the Cons”, “MuH KrAKeN”, and finally my personal favorite the “SpEcIAL FoRcES ArE In A UkRaNiAN GuN BaTTlE FoR ThE ELecTiOn SeRvErS” crowd discouraged just enough Republicans and MAGAs to not vote in a couple of key counties and we now have control of exactly 0 levers of power within the Federal Government.  Hey Brian Kemp and Brian Raffensberger, WonderMoron powers unite!  Both of you spineless imbeciles were bested by someone who has won exactly one political race in her entire existence and was essentially the self appointed shadow governor of Georgia.  Stop playing flair.  This is about power and the exercise thereof.  Start exercising power to make sure we win and they lose.  This isn’t about fairness, this is about winning and ensuring our way of life survives.  If you are too weak and stupid, which both of you have proven to be, get out of the way.  Resign and go into exile in disgrace.  Let someone who actually has the testicular fortitude to do what needs to be done get in the game, so we may actually have a chance of survival.

So MAGAs hows it feel to be completely marginalized?  You like being completely frozen out of power and at the tender mercies of the modern day Red Guard? Guess that whole “HeS nOt MaGa EnOugH – We OnLy AgrEe 85% oF ThE TiMe – StuPiD RiNo” sure worked well didn’t it?  You sure showed them. Hey GOPe – oh you thought I was on your side? You cost us this Presidential election and two Senate Seats in GA that would have allowed for the excesses of a radical leftist political movement to be somewhat curtailed. To quote one of my favorite characters “you are neither too hot, nor too cold.  And because you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth!” So all of you Erik Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, David French, FREDOCON NRO swilling spineless chuds with the “I aM jUsT HeRe tO cAlL BaLls aNd StIrKeS, ThE OrAnGe MaN iS EvIL WhY CoULdn’T YeB! HaVe wOn tHe NoMiNaTiOn” pearl clutching and fainting couches, are going to be eaten with the rest of us.  I only hope they come for you first so I can watch the mob burn you at the stake.  You will come crawling back to the right begging for acceptance and safe harbor.  You will be granted none.  You are now on your own.  Join the Lincoln Project or the Bulwark and become the pets for your new leftists masters.  I am sure the McCain family will have plenty of space to accept traitors within their ranks.  That’s what they are good at.  You will fit right in.

In a fit of social media violence that would make the late 30’s Hitlerite Shutzstaffel recoil in horror, the social media Oprichniki are executing conservative voices on social media in their own virtual Night of the Long Knives.  Google, Amazon and Apple are banding together to silence Parler on a scale not seen since Microsoft smothered its competitors in the crib in the early 1990s.  Thankfully Parler CEO John Matze was not a total idiot and built his Apps Backbone to run not only on AWS, but a multitude of other cloud services.  While it may be down for a couple of days DO NOT give up on them.  Wait out the transition and continue to use their service.  Rumble and Locals.com are alternatives to youtube and where major content creators are creating their own ecosystems respectively. Gab is still an option although not available through the App Store – they own their own servers and are immune to this type of interference.  So you FREDOCON Quisling Ayn Rand guzzling waterheads, hows that  “BuILd YoUr OwN PLaTFoRm, BuILd YoUr OwN OpErAtInG SyStEM, BuILd YoUr OwN PhOnE” working for us now?  When the enemy has complete control of the terrain you are planning on fighting on, they will have inherent advantages, like being able to flick the “off” switch on your website or your business.  Feels good getting purged and unpersoned doesn’t it all in the name of “MuH FrEe MArkEt.”

Whether or not you think the Capitol Building was overrun or they were let in is irrelevant, significant damage was done to the MAGA movement by the actions of a few idiots, and it cost someone on our side their life.  What have I been saying over the last couple of weeks – we can’t fight like the left because we don’t have the same advantages as they do.  We don’t have a compliant media willing to say our riots are “93% peaceful”, provide top cover while our side burns cities to the ground in the name of the “the unheard” or open up bail funding accounts for our side that goes to Jail.  All this is going to do is provide the leftist the impetus to crack down even harder.  We don’t have corporate sponsorship.  We don’t have Big Tech willing to silence our opponents at our whim. This is not to say do nothing, if you think that is my message kindly start at Part 1 of the Gather the Goons series and work your way forward.  If you are coming to this article for some kind of consolation or silver lining, sorry you won’t find that here.

2021 is going to be so much worse than 2020.  People are on edge, they have lost the ability to provide for themselves and are getting desperate.  When it all comes down to it, desperate people will do whatever it takes to survive.  Know that in every interaction you hold. Your survival and your families survival may depend on the training and supplies you acquire while times are somewhat stable.

As I have said multiple times, and will continue to repeat until you all understand it: We know the left hates us. They want us silenced, impoverished, re-educated, or dead. That is an immutable, universal truth so I suggest you come to grips with that.  So I ask, what are you going to do about it?

(P.S. I recommend that you buy both of @offthe_res books Concrete Jungle and Prairie Fire – as someone who has served overseas and seen my fair share of combat it taught me a lot.  For those that have not had the fortunate (unfortunate?) experience of combat it will provide you a base of knowledge that will help you through trying times.)

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Link to Prairie Fire

Link to Solatac

Link to Bug Out Bag Packing Lists

Link to Battle Rifle Primer

Link to Land Nav Doctrine  look at the bottom

Link to Bug Out Vehicle Primer

Full Disclosure – I have zero monied interests in these recommendations – if they were terrible I would say so and would not be recommending them.  They are the heat.  I would not stake my reputation on them if I thought them lacking.

I am no longer on social media and won’t be going back anytime soon. If you want to contact me I can be reached at [email protected]