Gather the Goons: New Years Special

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PSA: This is the 6th time I have posted this and I will continue to do so until we win the GA Senate Runoffs.

First before we get into the Diary Entry – If you live in GA – vote for Perdue and Loeffler – I don’t care what Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Ali, or Cernovich said. We can deal with Governor Brian Kemp and that weasel of and SoS later.  Boycotting the vote is about the dumbest idea I have heard the last couple of days. And where I work stupid ideas are like blades of grass.  Yes hinky stuff happened, yes it should be investigated, yes people should go to jail, no we should not gift wrap the Senate to Schumer so he can put the Constitution in a paper shredder and turn the U.S.A. into Venezuela 2.0 Starvation Boogaloo, to make a point to “Own the Cons”.

To quote COL Schlichter: “We can win outside the margin of fraud. We just can’t do it if pouting whiners sit home muttering about how they are mad cuz things didn’t go their way last time.”

Note before we begin: I am using twitter handles as some of the folks mentioned wished to remain as anonymous as possible while still being part of this.

*Steps off soap Box*

Well boys and Girls the last couple of weeks since my last entry have been some what eventful.  As if 2020 couldn’t be anymore screwed up, two of my family members passed within days of each other, and I am in the pole position to help settle their affairs.  Not complaining, but for those of you that follow me on the twitters or the Parlers I may be a bit sparse as I get deeper into this process.  It’s not because I don’t like hanging out with you degenerates but I have adult stuff to do.

Needless to say its good to be back in the Saddle.  Over the past couple of weeks we have discussed why its important to make a team, how to recruit them, how to begin employing them, and how to accurately engage your targets. We also discussed why you shouldn’t be actively rooting for a civil war or martial law (although I really do understand the sentiment). So as we prepare to enter what will be a maximally screwed up year – oh you thought this was going to get better? That drooling dementia addled mental patient is going to be in the whitehouse and his “lets jail everyone who doesn’t agree and keep them there even after they are found innocent” side kick will actually be running things.  Not to mention all of their leftist acolytes such as ANTIFA, BLM and god knows what other revolutionary communist adjacent group, will have free reign to do as they please free of repercussions.

SO knowing that going in, what are some New Years resolutions that you should have for 2021 to ensure you and your families survival, and to take the fight to the leftist leviathan based on the relative level of Goonery you have achieved.

Beginners Level Goon Resolutions:

1. Get woke.  Everything is political now.  From professional sports, to what cookies your kids sell at the school bake sale.  If it can help a leftist in even a tangential way don’t do it.  I understand that you may not have a choice when buying the necessities, but other than that consider who is benefiting from your purchases.

2. If you haven’t read @offthe_res books Concrete Jungle and Prairie Fire you need to do so.  Now. Read them twice, mark the up and follow his advice.

3. Start Getting in shape. Gear can cover for a lot but it can’t cover for you being a disgusting fat body that can’t cover a flight of stairs without sounding like Adam Sandlers “Fatty McGee.”

3. Get medical supplies – I don’t mean the aspirins and bandaids at the back of the Cabinet. Although getting extra bandaids and OTC painkillers is always a good idea. I am talking about a SOLATAC Multi-CAS kit with a couple extra Tourniquets. You might need to plug leaks, suture up some cuts and do some trauma care on a casualty.  Its lot easier to do that if you have the right tools. Take medical training classes so you know how to use them.  Even a Red Cross basic first aid class can save a life.

4. Buy a Gun with 500 practice rounds.  Unless your are effectively Hellen Keller, or are living under a rock on Pitcairn Island you see what the metastasizing leftist degeneracy has wrought on our cities.  Pick up at least 2 spare magazine for the weapon for starters. Once the cities are a burned out of their former glory where do you think the leftist mob is going to go in search of loot?

5. Practice as much as you can with said weapons.  I know steel cased 9mm is going for a bajillion dollars a round.  I got it.  Stop complaining.  If you buy a weapon and don’t practice you effectively have an expensive brick.  If you don’t know how to effectively, safely and most importantly LEGALLY handle said weapons you shouldn’t own them in the first place.  Find a range that can teach basic marksmanship and safe weapons handling for starters

6. Stock up the basics for a 90 days siege.  Yeah we are not living in Acre c.1191 and Saladin is not outside the gate trying to hang our crucified bodies from the city walls. But again, must I remind you of the great TP and red meat run of 2020?  Do you have enough food, and other basic supplies to sustain you in your current location for 3 months if the supply chain is disrupted? No? Then you might want to think about getting on that time meow.

Intermediate Level Goon Resolutions: But you say “Talon I already did that…I can shoot a can off the fence at 7 yards and I have enough Ramens and Oreos to last until April I’m good!” OK Stud or Studette (thats a thing right?) Here is some additional things to ponder.

1. Purchase a Battle Rifle, AR-15, AR-10, FN FAL, PTR-91 etc.  If you bought a pistol as your weapon as a Beginner Goon I would make the recommendation that you buy a rifle.  A pistol is good out to 25-30 yards max under combat conditions.  I know, I know there is going to be the pro out there that is shooting 1in groups with his daddies 1911 at 250yds.  hate to tell you that ain’t you.  Or me. You need the ability to engage targets at range.  With Iron Sights.  A pistol isn’t going to cut it.  Don’t worry about optics we will get to that.

2. Pick up some spare magazines and a chest harness.  You want something that can hold at least 5 spare magazines and a medical kit.  I carried a 210 round basic load with an additional pistol magazines on patrols.  You don’t need to carry all of that on you but it would be a good place to start – many of the guys I have mentioned in previous posts @brinkofill and @snakeeater36 have done threads on gear set ups.  I am just telling you a good starting place.

3. Build a Bugout Bag for you and your family. Build a bag for each person taking into account their individual needs.  Bring them in on the build so they can take some ownership of their outcomes.

4, Start building your team. I can already hear the squishes in the back “BuT MuH HoLiDaYs, It’S hArD” yeah, I know.  If you can’t be troubled to get off your ass and fight for what you believe in then kindly get out of the way and let the people who are not wusses get the job done.  Start making connections in the community amongst like minded people.  Build out the skills within the team. Go back to the requisite Gather the Goons article to figure out how to start building your team. You can thank me later.

5. Get some (more) more advanced training.  Try to take an EMT course to learn how to effectively treat injuries greater than a cold or a hang nail. Look at taking some (more) advanced marksmanship courses.  Try to find a basic evasive driving course, land navigation without GPS mounted and dismounted, *NOTE – everyone and their mother will claim that they have the greatest most bestest awesomest tactical training ever conceived – they are most likely lying.*If you have questions ask @Besaba27, @LibertasInstruc, @snakeeater36 for recommendations for good solid tactical training.

Advanced Level Goon Resolutions:

1. Buy some optics.  Remember you get what you pay for.  Buy once cry once.  If you have no experience with Optics, by this time you will likely have seen multiple weapons with different optics that will have tickled your giggle bits. Find one you like, know how to use, and mount that thing on your blaster.  Then practice with it.

2. Find a Range that will let you stress shoot. If you have never done a stress shoot, you are in for a religious experience. I won’t provide any spoilers but you will quickly find out that you are not nearly as good under stress as you thought you were.  For reference the last one I shot it consisted of two parts, a known distance range, and a stress shoot.  For the flat know distance range 38/40 – (thats pretty good), for the stress shoot interation 22/40 – (thats not good at all).  Why? I am out of shape. I have to start running with my plate carrier on, as well as road marching with my BOB in addition to doing rifle drills so I can reacclimatize to the needs of conducting engagement under loads.

3. Think about buying some other goodies.  If you think you are going to have to fight your way out of somewhere that is more spicy the the average *cough – any major city – cough* look at getting a set of ceramic plates, plate carrier, ballistic helmet, and set of NVDs.  This is by no means necessary but will help you become a little more survivable in dynamic situations and allow you to be more lethal against your adversaries should it come to that.  This will be expensive so don’t @ me and come crying that your significant other is butt hurt you dropped 15K on a set up and you cant go on vacation now.  Those vacation memories won’t do shit else when you have to fight your way out of downtown Minneapolis after round 3 of BLM rioting.

4. Build a Bug Out Vehicle. This doesn’t have to exotic.  It can simply be your work truck with your BOB and some other gear in it that will allow you to get to a safe location.  You don’t need to spend $100K+ On a vehicle.  It just needs to get you from point A to point B. And keep you alive in the process.

5. Cache supplies along your route of travel.  Put supplies, ammo, food, fuel other stuff at strategic points along your route so you don’t need to carry it all with you.  You need to be able to find the spots you cached your gear at with out using GPS.  Train like you will not have any advanced technology to aide you. That way when you do, you will have a much easier time.

This is not an all encompassing list.  Just some things that you should be thinking about as you make your preparations going into the new year. You may be at the Advanced Goon Level when it come to weapons and weapons handling, but a Pre-school level goon when it comes to food and medical acquisitions.  That’s OK. In order to fix a problem you have to admit you have one first.  Recognizing you are deficient in some areas is not the end, it is the beginning.  2021 is going to be so much worse than 2020.  People are on edge, they have lost the ability to provide for themselves and are getting desperate.  When it all comes down to it, desperate people will do whatever it takes to survive.  Know that in every interaction you hold. Your survival and your families survival may depend on the training and supplies you acquire while times are somewhat stable.

As I have said multiple times, and will continue to repeat until you all understand it: We know the left hates us. They want us silenced, impoverished, re-educated, or dead. That is an immutable, universal truth so I suggest you come to grips with that.  So I ask, what are you going to do about it?

(P.S. I recommend that you buy both of @offthe_res books Concrete Jungle and Prairie Fire – as someone who has served overseas and seen my fair share of combat it taught me a lot.  For those that have not had the fortunate (unfortunate?) experience of combat it will provide you a base of knowledge that will help you through trying times.)

(SOLATAC is one of the best Medical Suppliers of Field Expedient Kits out there.  If you have a specific request Demp and Mrs. Demp can build you pretty much whatever you want.)

(If you have questions about CCW, Holsters, Firearm safety I have two recommendations – they can be found at @Besaba27 and @LibertasInstruc – both of them are super knowledgeable and more than happy to help out anyone who may have questions.)

(If you believe in the 2A and want to actually donate to an organization that does something, and doesn’t just line their board of directors pockets I suggest you donate or join either ,Firearms policy Coalition @gunpolicy, Gun Owners of America @Gunowners or Second Amendment Foundation @2AFDN)

Link to Prairie Fire

Link to Solatac

Link to Bug Out Bag Packing Lists

Link to Battle Rifle Primer

Link to Land Nav Doctrine  look at the bottom

Link to Bug Out Vehicle Primer

Full Disclosure – I have zero monied interests in these recommendations – if they were terrible I would say so and would not be recommending them.  They are the heat.  I would not stake my reputation on them if I thought them lacking.