Gather the Goons Special Edition – Be careful what you wish for.

PSA: This is the 4th time I have posted this and I will continue to do so until we win the GA Senate Runoffs.

First before we get into the Diary Entry – If you live in GA – vote for Perdue and Loeffler – I don’t care what Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Ali, or Cernovich said. We can deal with the Governor Brian Kemp and that weasel of and SoS later.  As much as you may not like either of them, Perdue and Loeffler are our Spartans and this is our Thermopylae.  We lose and we are overrun and destroyed.  We win and we hold the line against the forces of evil for time to allow us to marshal our Armies for our own conservative Plataea.  Don’t know what I am talking about? Watch the movie “The 300” and actually pay attention you savages.  Don’t forget what the left wants to do you.  It will make the medieval English occupation of Scotland look positively benign by comparison.

*Steps off soap Box*

Ladies and gentlemen I have seen the words “civil war” and “secession” being thrown around the interwebs quite a bit over the past couple of weeks.  To some extent I agree with the sentiment, our forefathers successfully seceded from the crown, and gave birth to this new nation.  They sought redress for their grievances, and were rebuffed, repeatedly.  The crown sought to impose English societal values and norms on a colony whose way of life was distinct in a nascent form of republican governance and more egalitarian in its social stratification.  The crown sought taxation, without allowing the colonials representation in parliament among a host of other repugnant policies.  Finally the colonists got fed up, decided to throw some tea in a harbor, and told old King George to Tax this DICK!!!  After 7 years of bitter fighting between the colonies and crown, between Tory’s and Minutemen we had a country of our own.

What we have now is a similar situation in that the coasts, and the interior, have two distinct sets of cultures, values and societal norms.  The left seeks to nullify our ability to be effectively represented, not through a superior ideology, and the resulting electoral victory, but through parliamentary actions designed specifically to grant them electoral power in perpetuity.  The coasts see their way of life as superior and must be forcibly set upon the interior of the country in order to bring about their vision of utopia.  The contempt and disdain the coasts and major urban centers have for those rubes in flyover is only exceeded by the lefts wish to push, by force, their societal norms on to the rest of the country.  They view us as the great unwashed, who, if only we could be educated, condescended to, and made to see the error of our insignificant lives we will finally acknowledge our betters.  What the left doesn’t seem to realize is we choose to live this way, not because we are uneducated, ignorant or backward.  Quite the opposite really.  The most closed-minded people I interact with are generally the most educated.  The most condescending conversations I have had about those who choose to live another way (as I choose to) generally come from those who are so sure of the moral and intellectual superiority of their way of life, even thought it has never occurred to them that not all people want what they want, or think like they think.  If you don’t agree with them, you are one of the ignorant plebeians who are not fit to govern yourself, and you must prostrate yourselves before your betters.  All of these are good reasons to wonder why should we remain together?  What exactly does the interior country stand to gain from remaining united with a group of people who would see us subjugated? The answer is nothing. However, before you start gathering the goons and begin to plan the raids on the loyalist armories, let me help you understand what you are asking for.

Some of you reading this have spent some time in the middle east in the not to distant past, as I have.  I was assigned to one of the Iraq Surge brigades in 2007 to help support the Bush Administrations strategy of trying to tamp down the sectarian violence.  This would allow, in theory,  the government of Iraq to gain a foothold.  It was my first assignment in a real Army Unit.  I was fresh out of Armor Officer Basic Course, and Scout Leaders Course, and was assigned to the one of the outer rings of the security perimeter around Baghdad.  We ran 100s of missions, two of them, from this deployment, stay with me to this day.

The first event was an outreach mission with a Civil Affairs (CA) team.  Like many other units in Iraq, we would provide security for our Medical Platoons and CA when they would go out to try and win hearts and minds.  This mission was going to be like 100s others I had done before.  Set up on the outskirts of town at the sports field, throw out the ECP, and roof top security, have Doc and his guys set up the triage and treatment area, bring some cases of water and MREs to hand out and lets get home in time for evening chow.  Well it didn’t quite workout that way.  At about 11am I get the radio call “Red1(me), Punisher 4 (one of the CA guys) we have a problem down at the ECP, bring Doc and one of the Terps” I round up the relevant parties and head down there.  An Iraqi woman, really a girl no more than 18 tops, was holding a baby and wouldn’t let the ECP search her.  Once we got down there, our interpreter started to speak with her to find out the problem.  As it turns out she was a Sunni in a primarily Shia town.  Turns out her husband had been balled up by one of the Shia deaths squads we knew operated in the area and was never found.  The locals, who were almost all Shia, hated her and her family with passion because of what her family believed, and refused to help her in any way.  They had managed to run off almost all of the other Sunni families so she was practically all alone.  Yeah, she also had two other small kids who looked about a week away from dying of starvation.  In her desperation, she came to us for help. Doc did what he could for the smaller kids, they made it for a while anyways.  She handed me the baby, which I was told was 6 months old, needless to say I expected it to weigh a bit more than it did.  When she handed me the child – it let out one of the weakest cries I have ever heard. I handed it off to Doc who did what he could.  I found out later the kid didn’t make it, that broke Doc and we had to send him home.  I never saw her or her kids again.  I don’t know what happened to them and I doubt I ever will. I have never been able to get the sound the baby made out of my head or the look in Doc’s eyes later that night in our platoon area.

The second event came a couple of months later.  We were tasked to work with the IP (Iraqi Police) who as most of you know were seven shades of worthless during this period.  They were being hunted by both sides, and working with us made them and their families targets for reprisals.  We worked with contracted police trainers who did most of the LEO work, and then we worked with them on basic stuff like marksmanship, tactical movement etc.  For those of you who remember Camp Rustimayah, the Old Rustimayah Bridge, and the Mosque right out on the river on the east side, the name escapes me, we would meet them on the east side of the river near the 4 corners intersection to conduct training.  At the time there were plenty of abandoned houses to use to practice room clearing, etc.  House Borne IEDs were not a thing in our AO, at least not until later on in the deployment. So we gathered up the IPs, our LEO trainers and went and did some training. It went off with out a hitch. On our way back, escorting the IP and the LEO trainers back to Camp Rusty, we noticed what we thought at the time was garbage stacking up on the pilings of the bridge nearest the shore.  We were wrong. So very, very wrong. As we began to cross the river, the smell hit us first.  Death has a very sweet, and heavy smell, like flowers mixed with rotten eggs and mothballs, especially when it is waterlogged and hot out. We went to investigate as the insurgents were known to try and float IEDs down the river to take out the bridge (it never worked, the closet they got to dropping the bridge while I was there was a couple of truck bombs) so we had standing orders – if we saw something out of place to investigate and call EOD as necessary to come and clear it.  What we found was as close to hell on earth as I think possible.  Men, women and children, all of them dead.  I will save you the details but the bodies were not whole, the men had obviously been tortured and things had been done to the women, and some of the children.  All we could do was have the IP call the nearest hospital and stay on sight until they arrived.  It was one of the most horrific things I have ever seen.  Its what keeps me awake at night.  As I write this I can smell it, taste death, and feel the heat from the afternoon sun l as if I was there.

So why would I share with you those things.  I mean it was Iraq and that was over a decade ago.  We are different from those people, we have principals.  We would never do things like that. What do you think this civil war you want is going to entail?  Do you think it is going to be done on a part time basis?  Do you think it is going to be two armies, one in grey and one in blue slugging it out?  Do you think there are going to be rules?  That certain targets are going to be on the no strike list?  That your families, your loved ones, and everything you hold dear is just going to be untouched?  Civil Wars are the worst.  You have the normal horrors of war, wanton violence, and destruction.  Now add in feelings of betrayal and unfettered contempt for the other side.  How do you think this is going to play out.

As @th3v0t4ry has said:

You think a civil war will be raids & ambushes with your frens but instead it will be more like finding your brother dead in a landfill w/ his hands swollen into Mickey Mouse gloves because they’re tied by electrical wire. Throw in some power drill holes in his shins just for fun.

As one of GoonTwitters lead thought leaders has said: @OrangePartisan

This must be said: If you’re pining for another Civil War, you:

1) likely don’t appreciate the costs of that project

2) recognize the costs but have little to lose

3) are insulated from the most severe consequences or have an escape plan

Ok perhaps you would enjoy some ring side seats to the Troubles:

First Hand Experiences of the troubles:

It’s Eugene Dunne, called out of our French class at 16 years old to be told his father had been blown up “accidentally.” Or my other classmate, Bernie McGuigan, whose Dad is the man in the photograph with the huge puddle of blood around his head on Bloody Sunday. Or seeing the Paratroopers who did that, earlier in the day, on my way to church, ready for action, their faces blackened, heads covered with the cropped helmet of their regiment.  Or my Primary Teacher, Mr. Carr, who taught us to sing songs, making little circles with his tuning fork in his right hand, coached us to recite poetry for the annual Feis: he was blown into a tree in his school grounds by a Booby Trap.  Or the Petrol Tanker which was blown up in front of Strand Road RUC station.  Do you know that there is a short gap between the sound of a bomb going off and the red glow of the explosion ?  Or watching virtually all the shops in Foyle Street being blown up in front of my eyes, bursting into flame.  Or, on a beautiful summer’s day being told that my “A Level” schoolmate was being charged with a double murder.  Or that our next door neighbour was blown on fire into the street while his pal, also making bombs, was blown to pieces.   Or seeing our Gym’s huge windows cave in all around the 12 year old boys herded there for safety.  Or seeing our Irish language teacher blown across the room as the IRA launched a bomb against an Army “sangar” in the school grounds, just yards away, destroying the look-out post and probably the people in it. Or watching the corner of our little cul-de-sac every afternoon, to make sure that my brother Paul returned safely each day. Or witnessing, as a 10 year old, our policemen baton charge a Civil Rights march in Shipquay Street. Or my Aunt’s neighbour, a policeman and family friend, shot 9 times in the back in Donegal. Or taking cover in Stanley’s Walk as the bullets zinged down the street at the Army patrol in front of us.

Taken from the Belfast Telegraph:

One of the most hurtful things for the family was the thought they had been betrayed by a neighbour, someone who must have tipped the terrorists off about Ronnie’s daily movements.

“My parents were from Donegal and moved to Fermanagh,” said Mr Funston, who now works as an advocate for victims’ rights.

“They’d always known and got along with their Catholic neighbours, so there was a real hurt there.

“The IRA wanted our family away from the border area. And sadly, because my parents were too old and devastated by what happened to carry on at the farm, they succeeded.”

David Kelly, whose father, Irish Army Private Patrick Kelly, was shot dead by the IRA, told how Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness advised him six years ago to “move on”.

“The men who killed my father are still walking around, free men,” said Mr Kelly, who at just nine years old was the eldest of four boys when his father died. “It is very hard to take, given the effect it had on our family.”

He said Mr McGuinness visited his home town while campaigning to become President of Ireland in 2011.

“I felt compelled to confront him: ‘You want to be President of Ireland – can you assist me in finding out who murdered my father?’ He told me it was time to move on. He said that to my face.

“It seems like there is a lack of willingness to pursue the perpetrators. The people who killed him would like him to be a footnote in the history books, but I say different,” Mr Kelly added.

As Mel Gibson said in the Patriot “Make no mistake this war will not be fought on some far away battlefield, it is going to be fought in our towns, in our streets, among us.”  That doesn’t mean don’t prepare.  That doesn’t mean acquiesce to every degenerate request from people would see us in re-education camps.  I am not commenting on whether or not this is a good idea or a bad one, whatever is going to happen will happen of that I am sure.  I am not here to pass judgement on secession, civil war and the resulting balkanization.  It may end up being necessary to preserve our freedoms and out way of life. Just go into to this with your eyes open, with a full understanding of what you are asking for.