Lindsey Graham strikes again. Can we get rid of this fool?

Just like clockwork, it wouldn’t be the political season without stupid comments by Lindsey Graham(nesty) of South Carolina. Less than a week away from what could turn out to be a historic landslide for the GOP, Graham is already talking about ‘compromise’ and ‘working to get things done.’

Why do we tolerate this fool?

The worst part is not so much Graham’s usual habit of wanting to chuck principles in the name of getting along, but the fact that he chooses to frame his party in the words of Democrats.

“My belief is that, if we get back power in the House, and get close in the Senate, that we ought to really clamp down on spending and reform the government,” Graham said on WVOC radio in South Carolina. “But we ought to not put ourself in a position of being the ‘party of no’ to hard problems. But we ought to sit down with the president and work on Social Security, come up with an energy policy without cap-and-trade.

See it? That part about the ‘party of no’ is what makes me chew my lower lip. This guy is either a fundamental political coward, a wanna-be Democrat or a little of both.  What is certain is that no place should be set at the table for Lindsey Graham by conservatives. I’m sick and tired of this wussy and his betrayals. He is the second worst GOP senator after John McCain, the man who (not surprisingly) is his mentor.

Memo to Senator Graham: You’re on our side, idiot! At least you claim you are on our side. How about you stop using the language of our ideological enemies and buy some marbles for once?

Now run along and become a Democrat since you can’t stop trashing your own party. I would rather the GOP be in the minority without you than in the majority with you.

You make me sick you little twerp!