The surreal and insulated world of little Meghan McCain

This is rich. Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator“I’ll build the Goddamn Fence” John McCain has a new piece out at The Daily Beast where she castigates the media, whines about hardball campaigning and states (try to hold your laughter) that her dad has never changed his positions or what he believes.

About the only thing that little Meghan McCain gets right is that her father’s presence in the U.S. Senate is a threat. It is certainly that, but not to the establishment in Washington.

What is telling in the article is daughter McCain’s view of the world. She thinks her dad is somehow some champion of people and seems to ignore his self-serving politics, lack of principles and pettiness. My favorite part is where she expresses dismay over a television ad calling her dad a liar. I saw the ad and it was very damning to the Arizona senator, showing him as nothing more than an opportunist at election time.

As the old saying goes, the truth hurts. Having posted this latest entry in my diary, I would challenge Meghan McCain to please come to RedState and defend your father’s indefensible history, especially of the last 10 years where he behaved like the contemptuous douchebag we’ve all come to despise and mistrust. I’m just betting you won’t because you can’t defend him, but we will see.

At the end of the day, one thing is certain – Arizonans where losers on primary night whether their candidate won or lost. The state’s voters might have set a return of John McCain to office, but We The People of the United States will be stuck with him and his antics for another 6 years.

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