Lindsey Graham thinks you are a fool

Apparently Senator Lindsey Graham(nesty) of SC has come out in favor of ending birthright citizenship for the babies of illegal aliens(aka-human scum, criminals) who sneak into our nation to give birth.

He made these shocking (and most likely untrue) comments on Greta Van Sustersen’s FOX NEWS show and when I heard what he said, I almost threw something at my television.

Please, please tell me no one here believes this lying bastard.

Here he is lamenting what happened with the injunction of Arizona’s tough (and completely legal) law, yet he will cast a vote in support of Elaine Kagan for the Supreme Court. So if he is so upset about Judge Bolton’s ruling, why is he going to vote AYE in favor of yet another illegals-loving judge?

You are full of crap, Senator. You are only saying this as a fig leaf to conservatives in your state because of your betrayal on the Kagan nomination and, (more importantly) they know, just like we know, that you are totally lying. You are still working with Senator Schummer to give the Democrats a whole new generation of non-citizen voters who ought to be marched out of our nation by the point of a gun.

Senator Graham, you are a sack of human excrement. If anyone believes your sudden interest in ending birthright citizenship then I’ve got some oceanfront land in Kansas to sell them.

This man makes me sick!