I'm hearing crickets when it comes to Arizona

Moderators and regular posters alike keep spinning about how we need to elect more conservatives and about how the RINOS keep selling us out, but when it comes to the Arizona senate race all I hear is crickets here at Red State.
Why is that so?

Say what you want about J.D. Hayworth. Try to make hay about him doing infomercials for government grant money when he was a regular citizen and former congressman, not a serving member. Also be sure to ramble on about his support for spending bills from those past days and then, at the end of it all, please tell me how this makes him a less desirable candidate than the one person who has done more to hurt both the GOP and the conservative movement, Senator McCain.

I’m waiting and I’m thoroughly confused.

With all due respect to those here at RS – people I admire and mostly agree with – how can you ask me to support the Angles, Bucks, Devores, Lees, Stutzmans and Rubios of this all important election cycle and yet say little or (worse yet) NOTHING about what still should be and still could be the most crucial race of them all, the GOP primary in Arizona.

I’m confused and I’m numb.

Senator McCain is an enemy of the conservative movement. He is a narcissistic, mentally unbalanced, self-promoting, arrogant, inside-the-beltway good ole boy who has sold us out before and will do again at the most crucial moments.

And the worst part? He is a bold faced liar.
Yet I hear no groundswell here on RS for his ouster. I hear people who I think are on our side laugh and just kind of hang their heads sideways in an ‘awe shucks’ expression and then say something irrelevant like ” That’s just John McCain.”

Dear God, have some of you forgotten what this man has done and what he attempted to do?

I want to know why there isn’t more of a push on this site to GET MCCAIN OUT OF OFFICE. Please, someone tell me? I read inspiring threads imploring me and others to give to Mike Lee and Ken Buck, but when it comes to Arizona, it’s like listening to crickets. I’ve seen little (if any) threads encouraging people to donate to Hayworth.

Has some backroom deal already been made with the Judas, McCain? He will take his 30 pieces of silver and give it to your enemies, all the while laughing at you when he yet again betrays you. Why aren’t people like Jim Demint and Jeff Sessions and the few I still respect in the GOP not out there throwing their support behind Hayworth? Why aren’t more commentators and conservative bloggers doing so? Is this more of the stupid ‘he’s paid his dues’ kind of thinking that has kept what should be a raucous chorus on our side completely silent?

If those who claim to be on our side don’t do everything they can to unseat McCain and leave Hayworth stranded in the wilderness with no true conservative support, then I say to you that I will be ashamed to call myself a conservative from this day forward.

If we fight, if we show the kind of enthusiasm for JD Hayworth that we’ve shown for Sharon Angel, for Marco Rubio, for Mike Lee and for Ken Buck, then at the end of the day we will make a difference even if we lose that race. Not trying simply because McCain brought in top billed people, laughingly tried to make himself look tough on illegal immigration (which he is not) and has the full weight of the Cornyn-Jesmer machine behind him does not mean that fighting for Hayworth isn’t worth it.

Getting rid of McCain’s time in the U.S. Senate is definitely worth the fight. Can we please see some push for Hayworth? Is that too much to ask?

The alternative is 6 more years of a complete jerk doing everything he can to collude with those who hate us. And if you think McCain is done with Amnesty (which he is calling ‘regularization’ now), keep dreaming. If you don’t think he would support Cap And Trade, keep dreaming. If you don’t think he would go along just to get along with everyone on the other side then you are a fool and I have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

So can we please so some support on RS for the better candidate in the race whether you like him or not?

Please Red State, support J.D. Hayworth!