Will the GOP impeach Obama over border security?

I’ve not heard a word but if you consider both the President’s stated reason to AZ Senator Kyl for not securing the border along with the escalating crime, thuggery and deaths on U.S. soil, you have a good argument that Obama has ignored his oath of office to defend our nation against enemies and to uphold our laws.
So were is the GOP?

I guess it is too much to hope that the gutless, marble-less, spineless Republican leadership out of Washington will do anything, but it might serve as a stark reminder to them about their role as representatives if we the people start inundating their phone lines, email accounts and mailboxes with inquiries asking why they haven’t taken action.

Be under no illusion – what is happening along the Arizona border with Mexico is outrageous and the deliberate ignoring of the situation by the White House is a crime.

They know it, why do you think they reacted the way they did to Senator Kyl’s revelation?

So GOP, you have all those lawyers among you. Surely there is one with the grapes to do their legal duty, just one?

Impeach the President and remove him. Even if the Democrats don’t vote with you, the law is still on your side. Let them run on that when they go out for re-election. Or you can just sit it out till November and wait while the violence gets worse and worse in Arizona and the feds do nothing.

Are you mice or are you men? Make your minds up soon.