Get some brains and marbles, Michael Steele!

Dear God.

Another GOP leader trying to cozy up to the press by accepting their premise and argument about a GOP candidate.

Is Michael Steele this stupid or does he just love being on TV and forgets that he is a Republican who needs to defend Republicans? Why are so many ‘leaders’ on our side so gullible and blatantly stupid that they allow themselves to be led by a leading question asked by a liberal journalists to put down their own primary winner?

I’m talking about Rand Paul and it is obvious from Michael Steele’s statements in his joint appearance with Tim Kaine that he doesn’t know when he is being baited.
Please GOP, quit being so stupid. Defend your party and your candidates. Quit taking this apologetic approach as if every charge from the other side is meaningful and deserves a reply. They seem to have no problem defending their president who stomps on the U.S. Constitution, lies all the time and is weakening this country economically and militarily.

Get some brains, Mr. Steele and while you are at it please grow a pair!!!

What a bunch of pansies!